Donor Stories

The Charles E. and Jane Power Niccum Fund

Charles and Jane Niccum are hardworking Rush County residents that believe in giving back whenever possible. Their generous spirit is what lead them to create the Charles E. and Jane Power Niccum Fund in 2013— to enable them to extend their generosity to their community in the form of grant funds.   The Niccums have  … Read more

The Martha Perin Community Grant Fund

The Martha Perin Community Grant Fund was established in 2015 by her son and daughter-in-law, Keith and Kim Perin. This fund was created in the hopes of carrying on Martha’s generous and compassionate spirit in Rush County.   Martha was a hardworking high school teacher and mother of three, and she had a passion for  … Read more

Local Organizations Benefit from Dick and Sue Moster’s Generosity

Richard “Dick” and Sue Moster’s philanthropic spirits have long been known by those residing in the Rush County community.  If you were fortunate enough to know them, neither were someone you would quickly forget.   Dick, a lifetime Rush County resident, and Sue, a Rush County resident since her mid-twenties, were married in 1958.  Both  … Read more


The CIRCLe Fund is the brain child of Pam Hoeing, Shelly King, Heather Meckes, Amy Ploeger, Cindy Taff, and Betsy Williams. The initial idea for the fund came when Betsy Williams was at a convention during her time as President of the Foundation:  she saw other CIRCLe groups in communities throughout the state and decided  … Read more

Youth in Philanthropy

The Youth in Philanthropy fund, also known as YIP, was founded in 2005 by Betsy and Rick Williams. Betsy had recently become the executor of an estate that had funds remaining and wanted to put the money to good use for the Rush County community. The Williams each grew up in philanthropic families and had  … Read more

Helen and Jim Ewing

To Help the Elderly and Feed the Hungry In this great community, we don’t often pause to contemplate the gravity of the struggle with poverty and hunger.  We may be guilty of forgetting about the elderly who aren’t in nursing homes or who aren’t our grandparents, aunts, uncles, et cetera.  As human beings, regardless of  … Read more