The Jack and Cinda Brown Basketball Mental Attitude Scholarship Fund

Jack and Cinda Brown both graduated from Indiana University as well-rounded students and athletes. They led dedicated careers as teachers and coaches, for which they both received numerous awards for their exemplary coaching styles.


Jack and Cinda were both very athletic individuals that had a love of the sports they played and coached. Jack was an avid golfer—even sporting a 7 handicap at one time! Cinda is also a golfer and tennis player; and to this day, she plays on competitive sports teams, runs in mini-marathons, and stays active by rollerblading, swimming, and water skiing.


Despite their long history in a vast variety of sports, the Browns’ legacy mostly lies on the basketball court. Both Jack and Cinda coached high school basketball for several years. During their tenure, they valued allof their players and tried to ensure that every player on their teams received recognition for their hard work. However, they realized that their non-starting players often received few public accolades for their dedication to their team and the sport. It was with this thought in mind that the Cinda and Jack decided that they would like to establish a scholarship to recognize those players.


After Jack passed away in 2010, Cinda created the Jack and Cinda Brown Basketball Mental Attitude Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is designed for any non-starting players that were on the Rushville Consolidated High School basketball team for all four years of school to acknowledge those players and their importance. Cinda stated that their original intention was to simply establish the scholarship in their will, to carry on their legacy once they had both passed, but she decided to establish the fund early to honor Jack and his long coaching career. This also enabled her to direct donations into their scholarship fund in lieu of flowers for Jack’s Celebration of Life.


Cinda hopes that their scholarship will help those students that are often overlooked and let them know that their hard work is always appreciated. She describes the experience of creating a scholarship as very rewarding, saying to anyone who may be considering creating a memorial scholarship, “Do it! You will benefit as much as the recipients.”

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