Funds: Field of Interest

Alex Workman Memorial Fund

Established in 2009 by Robert and Angela Workman in memory of their son Alex, the Alex Workman Memorial Fund provides support to children with autism.

  • Rush County families who have children with autism may apply for grants for special services required, payments for summer camps, or equipment at home which is used for therapy and not covered by insurance.
  • Rush County teachers may apply for grants to take classes or training in working with children with autism, or for supplies that are needed for directly working with students with autism.

Grant Application: Alex Workman Memorial Fund – Due 9/1.

Bob Priddy Sports Partner

Established in 2017, Deby Priddy and Christie Love created this fund to provide financial support to Rush County youth involved in team sports, particularly to assist with team participation fees and equipment and/or camp tuition fees and equipment. Any Rush County youth participant in a sports program is encouraged to apply.
Deadline to apply: Rolling Fiscal year begins January 1, applications are eligible to be reviewed monthly, funds are limited.

Grant Application: Bob Priddy Sports Partner Fund – Applications accepted year-round.

Circle Fund (Chicks Impacting Rush County Life)

A field of interest endowment fund offering female donors an opportunity to promote and support programs that make a meaningful impact on Rush County.

The CIRCLe Fund, a fund within the Rush County Community Foundation, has been created as a place where women can combine their resources to influence and impact Rush County life. Our competitive grants are investments in the community that enable charitable and non-profit organizations to provide effective programs or projects that respond to the needs of people in Rush County. Preference will be given to organizations serving women and/or children.

Applications DUE 3/15/2024

CIRCLe Fund Grant Application

Dave Kehl Memorial Fund

A field of interest endowment fund to provide support for suicide prevention awareness and mental health education and resources for Rush County residents

Dessie H. Lower 4-H Fund

A field of interest endowment fund established to support the Rush County 4-H Program and 4-H Council.

Dolletta Marie Callahan Rush County 4-H Awards Fund

A field of interest endowment fund to support the annual purchase of 4-H plaques for 4-H awards.

Helen and Jim Ewing Fund To Help the Elderly and Feed the Hungry

A field of interest endowment fund created by Jim Ewing in memory of his wife, Helen.  The fund provides grants to agencies that provide food for the needy and/or non-profit agencies serving the elderly with essential needs and services.

Read more about the Ewings and Jim’s desire to pay forward the kindness he received later in his life.

Judy Colangelo Cancer Treatment Fund

A field of interest endowment fund to assist patients not able to pay and not covered by Medicare or Medicaid with the cost of cancer treatments and/or experimental procedures.  The fund is distributed through Rush Memorial Hospital’s Sheehan Cancer Center.

Kenneth and Charlotte Brashaber Teacher Enhancement Award

Expressing a passion for the field of education, Ken and Charlotte Brashaber established this award (fund) in 2017 to encourage curriculum development by providing Rushville Consolidated High School [RCHS] teachers the opportunity to share experiences to enhance the learning process for students. This award will enrich the educational experience for teachers and students by providing funding for:

  1. A proposed activity or project outside of the classroom
  2. An activity or project within the classroom
  3. Additional schooling to further education enhancement (including symposiums, conferences, seminars, continuing education, Master’s Degree)

Priority for this grant will be given to a teacher proposing a creative or unconventional idea for the benefit of the educational process.

Previous recipients of this Award will not be excluded from consideration.


Grant Application: Brashaber Teacher Enhancement Award – Due 9/1.

Mildreth I. (Jackson) and Byron P. Smith Fund

Annual distributions from this fund supports conservation and wildlife projects in Rush County, IN

Molly Spaeth Fund for Transformation and Well-Being

This fund was established in memory of Molly Spaeth to provide support for projects and programming that improve the social and/or mental well-being and betterment of individuals in Rush County.

Music for Rush County Fund

An endowment fund to provide grants to organizations bringing programs that encourage music participation and enjoyment by and for Rush County residents.

Established in 1995 by Faith Davis Ellison in memory of her husband E. Floyd Ellison, the Music for Rush County Fund provides support to encourage music participation and enjoyment for the community as a whole, especially encouraging adult appreciation of music. This grant could be used to help bring a concert performance to Rush County, to help support local music groups, for a Rush County Schools music teacher to attend a music education workshop, or to bring a music related program to a Rush County Schools elementary school or Rush County Schools middle school. Grants will not be made to high school programs or to high school students.

Grant Application: Music for Rush County Fund – Due 9/1.

Rita Yager Memorial Ag Grant Fund

Rita Yager was instrumental in establishing the Agricultural Careers and Education (ACE) organization in Rush County. Established in 1999, the Rita Yager Memorial Ag Grant Fund provides grants for education, safety, and the improvement of agriculture-related projects. Non-profit agencies serving Rush County residents are eligible to apply.  Applicants should be introducing a program, tool, or education that will impact those involved with agriculture in Rush County.

Grant Application: Rita Yager Memorial Ag Grant Fund – Due 9/1.

Robert and Gleela Baldwin Fund for Early Learning

Established in 2021, the Robert and Gleela Baldwin Fund for Early Learning provides educational scholarships for students accepted into and attending a Paths to Quality Level 3 or 4 preschool serving Rush County residents.

Grant Application: Robert and Gleela Baldwin Fund for Early Learning – Due 8/15.

Rush County Ag Fund

A field of interest fund that provides grants to support nonprofit agricultural programming for educational training, youth farm programs and preserving the history of agriculture in Rush County.


Gifts of grain contributed through the “Harvesting for the Future of Rush County” program are directed to this fund.

Rush County Cancer Fund

Established in 2005 by Mable and Eugene Smith while Eugene was struggling with cancer, this fund was created in gratitude for all the support they received from their friends and family. “We hope to help others as we have been helped through encouragement and support… It is time for us to give to others, and this is a way we can do this.” Mable said.

The Rush County Cancer Fund supports the needs of residents who are afflicted with cancer. Funds are distributed through a process in which a local organization (church, clinic, service provider, etc.) sponsors and works with an individual family to submit an application. The posted application is for individuals with an organization sponsor. Organizations that provide direct assistance to individuals with cancer in Rush County are also encouraged to apply for funding. If you are an organization seeking funding please contact RCCF at

Grant Application: Rush County Cancer Fund

Rush County Parks Fund

A field of interest endowment fund that provides support to Rush County Parks.

Established by the Rushville Parks and Recreation Director in 1995, the Parks Fund is to assist any Rush County park facility fund projects or programs which are not ordinarily funded by City or County governments. Specifically, grants are made to support projects or programs that will enhance the park system throughout Rush County to better serve its residents.

Grant Application: Rush County Parks Fund – Due 3/1.

Rush County Youth Athletic Fund

A field of interest endowment fund that supports amateur athletes and coaches from Rush County, IN.

The Rush County Youth Athletic Fund was established in 1993 by James Robert Billman. This Fund provides support for the development and training of amateur athletes and coaches from Rush County, including amateur competitions which promote athletics as a healthy alternative to a sedentary lifestyle and higher educational opportunities for youth through athletic excellence. Preference is also given for programs that include underprivileged youth in Rush County.

Grant Application: Rush County Youth Athletic Fund – Due 9/1.

Shane Young Memorial Soccer Fund

Grants awarded from this fund promote soccer in Rush County.

Established by Shane’s family as a memorial for Shane’s love of soccer, proceeds are distributed annually to promote soccer in Rush County. This grant could be used to send a delegate to a soccer camp, to improve soccer facilities, to promote sportsmanship, to train adult leaders, to provide monies for training youth in soccer skills, or to serve as a conduit for those interested in helping support youth soccer.

Grant Application: Shane Young Memorial Soccer Fund – Due 3/1.

The Youth in Philanthropy Fund

This fund promotes youth philanthropy in Rush County by awarding grants for youth public service projects.

Created to promote youth involvement and teach philanthropy to our next generation of community leaders, the Youth in Philanthropy [YIP] Fund makes grants to youth-lead service projects and youth organizations in Rush County. Any youth involved with a non-profit organization in Rush County who has a philanthropic project or service idea to benefit Rush County or Rush County residents is encouraged to apply.

Grant Application: Youth in Philanthropy Fund – Due 3/1 and 10/15.