Donor Stories

Donor Story: The Deep Roots of the Liggett Family

Marion and Lois Liggett

In the yard of the Liggett Family’s farm stands an impressive maple tree. Its thick trunk separates into many branches, growing both tall and wide. No doubt its roots run deep, too, just as the Liggetts’ do in the Rush County community. It’s here, at Windmill Farm, where Marion and Lois Liggett built a life  … Read more

Ripples of Kindness: The Legacy of Helen and Jim Ewing

The Legacy of Helen and Jim Ewing

Kindness. It always matters. And like the stone that creates ripples when tossed into a pond, its effects can be far-reaching.   Roy Mohr first met Jim Ewing in 1968. Roy was a regular customer at J & H Hardware, the store Jim and his wife, Helen, owned in downtown Rushville. Roy and Jim became  … Read more

Donor Spotlight: Jennifer and Greg Krodel

The Krodel Family

Simplicity. During a recent conversation with RCCF donor Jennifer Krodel, this word surfaced again and again. She and her husband, Greg, along with their three children work hard and love deeply. But of course, it’s not quite as simple as that.   We all have people who have influenced us, and if we’re lucky, it  … Read more

Donor Spotlight: Wilma Jo Kile

The importance of education has been a foundation of RCCF donor, Wilma Jo Kile’s life. Growing up in in Rush County’s southeast corner, she recalls, “It wasn’t ‘if’ but ‘when’, my brother and I would go to college.”   This expectation has benefitted her and our community so well.   Her father, Ebert Schroeder, had  … Read more

John & Martha Leising Scholarship Fund Established

Hard work, love of family and community, and faith in God are qualities that many try to infuse in their lives. John and Martha Leising embodied these traits.   Two of their children, Carolyn Maciejewski and Allen Leising, know this better than anyone. “From career choice, work ethics and education, to being a team player,  … Read more

Donor Story: Greg and Cindy Harcourt

The roots of the Harcourt family tree run deep in the Rush County soil. Greg Harcourt isn’t sure just how many generations back they go, but at least since the mid-1800s. What he and Cindy, his wife, are sure of though, is their love for their community.   A lifelong resident, Greg grew up in  … Read more

GIFT VII Met Its Match… YOU!

You did it! Your generosity sparked a $250,000 giving frenzy. One by one your gifts arrived. Each one a promise to the future of our community. As if that weren’t amazing enough, it happened more than a year ahead of the deadline. The generosity of the Lilly Endowment Inc. added $500,000 to fan the flames  … Read more

For the Community That Made Us Who We Are

When RCCF board members and classmates, Cindy Powers and Karen Brashaber, realized their 40th high school class reunion was approaching, they didn’t go shopping for something new to wear. They got busy and filed the paperwork to start the “RCHS Class of 1979 Community Fund”.   They decided that instead of changing their wardrobe or  … Read more