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A Surprisingly Good Feeling

Rush County’s nonprofits care for our community’s needs day in and day out. Whether it’s building self-esteem in youth, connecting dogs and cats to their furever homes, or making sure technology and training to navigate today’s digital world are available to all – they enhance our lives.   To kick off the giving season and  … Read more

Executive Director Position Open

RCCF Serving donors, awarding grants and scholarships, providing leadership

Executive Director, Rush County Community Foundation (Rushville, IN) – Since 1991, the Rush County Community Foundation (RCCF) has been a faithful steward and effective conduit for charitable giving. The foundation works with donors to create funds that reflect donors’ charitable goals. These generous givers, past and present, have enabled the foundation to provide financial support  … Read more

CBAP Update

Community Based Action Planning Projects Update

Efforts by the Community Based Action Planning (CBAP) committees continue to address some of the most pressing and requested needs of Rush County residents. New partnerships and friendships are forming. Ideas are springing to life. These volunteers are getting things done!   Projects Update: Mental Health: All 7th and 8th grade students at Benjamin Rush  … Read more

2022 Cycle II Grantees: Supporting Basic Needs, Safety and Well-Being

2022 Cycle II Community Grants

Nonprofits do important work in any community. Sometimes they enhance our minds by teaching us new skills. Or speak to our souls with missions that bring about opportunities to see the world through a different lens. Many organizations support the basic needs of the most vulnerable among us or tend to the safety and well-being  … Read more

Changes at RCCF

In bittersweet news, Alisa Winters, Executive Director, has accepted a new position with the Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA). Beginning on November 14th, Alisa will be working with IPA’s GIFT (Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow) Technical Assistance Program for Indiana Community Foundations. In this role, she will be the Technical Assistance Advisor, providing one on one technical support to all  … Read more

2022 Field of Interest Fund Grants Awarded

When a donor is passionate about a certain cause, she or he might start a fund to support projects addressing challenges and making positive progress in that area. These are known as Field of Interest Funds.   Each fall local nonprofits and educators are invited to apply. This year’s grants totaled $16,086.   Music for  … Read more

Gifts of Grain: Tax Benefits for Farmers

Harvesting for the future of Rush County

If you’re a farmer looking to reduce your tax burden, RCCF has an option you should consider. Making a gift of grain is an easy way to lower your taxable income while benefiting your community.   When grain is donated at the time of sale, it is not counted as income. Less income means fewer  … Read more

CBAP Projects Update: Progress!

Community Based Action Planning Projects Update

A home on the worldwide web for everything to love about Rush County, completed downtown beautification projects and wonderful parks programming. These are just of few of the positive changes enacted and inspired by the Community Based Action Planning (CBAP) process. And we’re not finished yet.   Projects Update: Tourism: This group has contracted with  … Read more

2023 Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Application is Open

The Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship is a life-changing opportunity for one graduating Rush County senior each year. The application is now open and due by 9/15/2022 11:59:59 PM.     Here is everything you need to know to apply, straight from the source. Our thanks to RCHS for filming Kristie’s presentation!  

2022 Cycle I Community Grants Announced

Your gifts to Community Grants Funds provide unrestricted support to cover a wide range of Rush County’s ever-changing needs. These dollars impact nearly every resident of our county in one way or another through grants to fund emergency services, healthcare, early learning, amenities, education, heritage, culture and the arts – not just today but forever.  … Read more