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For the Community That Made Us Who We Are

When RCCF board members and classmates, Cindy Powers and Karen Brashaber, realized their 40th high school class reunion was approaching, they didn’t go shopping for something new to wear. They got busy and filed the paperwork to start the “RCHS Class of 1979 Community Fund”.   They decided that instead of changing their wardrobe or  … Read more

Restoring More Than Monuments

What comes to mind when you think of the most beautiful and peaceful spaces in Rush County? East Hill Cemetery surely tops your list. It’s a place for grieving, yes, but it’s also a place for remembering and celebrating loved ones. The hallowed grounds are home to some amazing old trees. It holds the key  … Read more

Five in 50 Covered Bridge Ride a Team Effort

Five in 50 Covered Bridge Riders

Photo credits: Green Photography In 2018, 208 cyclists rolled through Rush County to enjoy the inaugural Five in 50 Covered Bridge Ride. This year’s event attracted 367 riders from ten states. In addition to admiring the beautiful countryside and the majestic covered bridges, the riders raised $27,200 to support the Rush County Community Foundation (RCCF).  … Read more

Insights from the Mays Community

We continued our Community Insights tour with a stop in Mays on Tuesday night. The session was well-attended, 23 people and a cat. Opal, a gray and white cat that lives at the Mays Community Academy, represented the feline population with a typical mix of both curiosity and indifference.   Brian Blackford from Ball State’s  … Read more

Welcome, Lisa!

The Rush County Community Foundation is thrilled to formally welcome Lisa Benjamin as the organization’s new Marketing and Communications Officer.   Lisa joined the Rush County Community Foundation (RCCF) team on September 9th and will be working with us part-time on the management and execution of communications and marketing activities for the Foundation.  Along with  … Read more

Rush County Class of 1963 Fund established

Enthused by the opportunity to make a lasting difference in Rush County, Paul Barada, Dan Earnest, and Dr. Suellen Reed have begun the Rush County Class of 1963 Fund at the Rush County Community Foundation.  The named unrestricted endowment fund will forever support Rush County through impactful grants to the Rush County community.   Representing  … Read more

Rush County Community Insight Sessions Coming Soon!

The Rush County Community Foundation values the input of the citizens of Rush County! As one part of the Lilly Endowment GIFT VII initiative, the RCCF would like to invite you to attend a Community Insight program in your area of the county. You may attend as many as you want, but we appreciate everyone  … Read more

RCHS Class of 1978 Community Fund Established

Inspired by the recent philanthropic spirit of the RCHSClass of 1969, the RCHS Class of 1978 decided to establish a named unrestricted endowment fund at the Rush County Community Foundation.  The RCHS Class of 1978 Community Fund will forever preserve their class name through impactful grants to support Rush County. Representing the RCHS Class of  … Read more

Russell and Betty Bane Family Community Fund Established

Throughout the past ten years, Russell and Betty Bane’s name has lived on in Rush County through the Russell J. Bane Family Memorial Scholarship Fund, administered by the Boys and Girls Club of Rush County.  Through the generosity of the Banes’ four children, twelve RCHS students have received funding to support their post-secondary education.  When  … Read more