The Michael J. Keith Fund

Michael Joseph Keith was born into a loving family that consisted of his parents, Joe and Carolyn, and four sisters, Michele, Melinda, Melissa, and Mary. He also had a son, Kanyon Michael Reuben Keith, who was born in July after Michael passed away. 

Carolyn described Michael as a “man who made the most of every opportunity he had to live.” He was smart, dedicated, and true to himself and his values. He had great potential, a love for his family and his community, and a strong sense of integrity that made his family incredibly proud. 

Michael’s family chose to create the Michael J. Keith Fund to preserve Michael’s memory in a way that would benefit other young people like him. They dedicated their scholarship fund to male students seeking a post-secondary education from a trade school as a way to honor Michael and his history. Michael loved working outdoors and on machines, and his degree allowed him to do that every day.

Carolyn said that her family has been so blessed by Michael’s scholarship. It has helped them heal from their loss in a way that promotes philanthropy, all given in Michael’s name. It has also helped the Keiths build and foster relationships throughout the community thanks to the fundraising they do and the opportunities they are given to meet the scholarship recipients. Since its inception, the fund has provided $33,000 in scholarship awards to Rush County students.

Through their fund, Carolyn and her family are able to share a piece of Michael’s memory with the community he loved. Over the years, the Michael J. Keith Fund has made a substantial impact on the lives of several students, providing aid that may allow them to continue their education and give back to the community in the future, creating a legacy of which Michael would be proud.

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