Grant Recipient Media Kit

Congratulations on your grant from the Rush County Community Foundation!

Telling your story helps your project grow and reach a larger audience. It also helps us tell our story. We love featuring our grantees on our website and social media and through our monthly enewsletter, biannual postcard and annual report. Stories like yours help donors see the impact created by their gifts and show community members the importance of giving.

If you need assistance, please reach out to or (765) 938-1177. We’re happy to help!


Here are some tips to help us help you:



Please acknowledge the Rush County Community Foundation’s support with our name and logo in publications and electronic communication for your project that received grant funding. Please use our full name – Rush County Community Foundation – when referring to the foundation.

We also have yard signs, stickers and window clings noting that you are a grant recipient. Please reach out to us to make arrangements for pick up at or stop by our office Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm.


Logo Use

Please use the Rush County Community Foundation’s logo when possible and do not alter it. To resize an image proportionally in Microsoft products, click on the image. Put your cursor in one of the corners of the image so that it turns into a two-sided arrow. Hold the SHIFT key down on your keyboard while dragging your mouse.

Download the logo by right clicking the link. Click “save link as”. Choose a location you’ll remember.  If you need help, please contact us at


Social Media

Like/follow us on our social media accounts, and we’ll do the same for you.

Facebook: @rushcountyfoundation

Twitter: @GiveINRush

Instagram: @rushcofoundation

Mention or tag us in any grant related posts. If you type the “@” followed by our username listed above on the platform, it will create a link to our page and generate a notification. This will ensure that we see your post. If that doesn’t work, share the post with us via the platform’s messaging option or email us at Feel free to share any of our posts about your grant or program, too.


Photo Opportunities

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” really is true. We all have amazing cameras right at our fingertips in today’s cellphones. You can find some great tips in this 2 min read. Please capture and share photos related to your grant funded projects. For people, make sure you have permission to share their photos. Share however you like and email photos to along with a description.

Please remember that your photos need to be uploaded with your final report in the grants management site as well.

Tips: For photos of individuals or small groups, close ups work best. For kids and animals, get down on their level. Posed shots are good, but candid scenes are too. Take 2-3 shots each time in case someone has their eyes closed or one turns out blurry. You can always delete the ones you don’t use. Experiment with different angles and get creative.

Want some help? Reach out to Lisa Benjamin at (765) 938-1177 or to set up a time to visit. She’d be glad to take some photos!

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