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Grantee Update: Psi Iota Xi

Psi Iota Xi

Hearing is vital to daily living. It helps us communicate basic needs and reduces social isolation. Studies have shown that a hearing difficulty can even lead to dementia in senior  … Read more

Scholarship Season By the Numbers

The month of May might mean racecars and checkered flags for some. But it means scholarship season for us! As always, our volunteer committee has been busy making tough decisions.  … Read more

Your 2022 Impact Report is Out

in Pursuit of the best Rush County in 2022

 Answering our community’s most pressing questions, like Quality of Life, Safety, Health + Wellness, Local Pride, Early Learning, and Education, is our game. But we couldn’t do it without YOU.    … Read more

Grantee Update: Rushville FFA

Rushville FFA

Source: Rushville FFA Facebook Page Photos: Jenna Lawler  An anonymous donor started the We Believe in FFA Fund to support the local chapter. This generous gift gave these students an  … Read more

Grantee Update: RCHS FACS Department

2022 CIRCLe Grant Recipient: $19,519 Source: Lion’s Roar Newsletter The 2022 CIRCLe Fund grant supported a collaboration between the RCHS FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) department and First5 Rush County’s  … Read more

CBAP Update: Passing the Torch

CBAP Projects Update

Inside Rushville’s City Center, a group of CBAP (Community Based Action Planning) volunteers gathered in mid-February to share fajitas, successes, and tips for how to keep their momentum going. “This  … Read more