Cycle I Community Grants Total $49,440

Your gifts to RCCF’s Community Grants Funds provide unrestricted support to meet a wide range of Rush County’s ever-changing needs. These dollars impact nearly every resident of the county in one way or another through grants to fund emergency services, early learning, amenities, education, the arts, and more – not just today but forever. Thank you!


The RCCF all-volunteer grants committee made the following awards:

  • The Open Resource received $24,000 to implement phase 2.0 of their successful Digital Navigator program. They will offer enhanced quarterly events on topics such as artificial intelligence, coding, app development, etc. They will purchase additional refurbished devices to give away to those in need while continuing to offer classes on specific topics and one-on-one support. Funds will also purchase new equipment and cover marketing costs for their programs.
  • The Manilla Community Volunteer Fire Department (MCVFD) received $15,000 toward the purchase and installation of a tornado siren. Approximately 1800 residents live inside the range of the siren. With severe weather instances on the rise, the MCVFD believes that an early warning system is crucial to the safety of the community.
  • The City of Rushville Parks and Recreation Department received $5,290 to expand and improve the disc golf course at Riverside Park. Funds will be used to purchase 10 baskets, adding seven holes to the course and replacing three that are damaged. The local disc golf club, the Saucer Tossers, will provide volunteer labor to install the equipment as well as additional funds to complete the project.
  • The Heart of Rushville received $5,150 to install art on traffic boxes along Main Street in Rushville. The drab, metal structures along the sidewalks at intersections are perfect blank canvases and a creative way to add art to the community. Artists will be compensated for their designs, which will be transferred onto a plastic wrap and installed locally.


Together, we are connecting the dots to picture a better life for all in Rush County!

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