The Carol Niehoff Hardwick Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Carol Niehoff Hardwick Memorial Scholarship Fund was created by Carol’s mother, Jan Niehoff, to honor her memory after she passed away in 1995. The scholarship is intended for a graduating Rushville Consolidated High School senior who will be attending Ball State.


After Carol passed away suddenly at the young age of 35, Jan wanted to preserve her memory in the community. Carol was a Ball State graduate, so when Jan created the scholarship fund, she knew that she wanted to pay homage to her successes by providing financial assistance to future Ball State students in Rush County.


Furthermore, Jan believes that it is important for everyone to obtain a college degree, something that she instilled in all 6 of her children. She was proud to see Carol and her siblings do the work to further their educations, and it is fulfilling to see her daughter’s scholarship fund help several more generations of RCHS students to do the same. More than anything, she hopes that by having a fund established in Carol’s name, the community can help her in carrying on her memory and generous spirit.

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