Introducing Our 2020 Board of Directors: Keith Perin

Keith Perin has lived in Rush County for a good portion of his life, moving to the area when he was about six. He graduated in the RCHS class of ’78. He went on to earn a BA in Education at Indiana Central University (now the University of Indianapolis) and an MA in English at Indiana University Indianapolis.


Armed with the knowledge he gained and both passion and talent for his profession, he returned to his high school alma mater. Since 1992, Keith has been teaching English at RCHS.


Keith was nominated and received a Philip B. Daghlian Outstanding Teaching of English Award in 2016 by one of his former students. RCHS principal, Robert Hadley, had high words of praise. “Keith Perin is one of the best teachers and human beings that I have ever known. He was that special teacher in my son Robbie’s life. Keith has had that same influence on the lives of scores of Rush County youth,” he said.


Without a doubt, Keith and Kim, his wife, have made an even bigger impression on their two children Megan Tucker (Craig) and Lauren Perin and now, three granddaughters – Haylie, Addison and Avery. Keith counts the time spent with them as his most treasured moments. He also enjoys reading, as does any good English teacher, participating in exercise groups at Anytime Fitness and supporting athletic teams as a member of UIndy’s Greyhound Club.


Keith serves on the Scholarship Committee and was previously an RCCF board member. “I served from 2011 to 2017, and I’m grateful to be asked to serve again. We are able to help so many worthy people and organizations who are then often able to help others. I also admire the other board members, whom I’ve learned so much from and will continue to do so,” he said.


Keith has much firsthand experience with the work of RCCF. During GIFT VI, he was able to establish the Martha Perin Community Fund in memory of his mother.


The GIFT VII match presented another opportunity to support his community forever. Inspired by the Class of 1969’s fund, he thought it was a fantastic idea but was “slightly irritated that he hadn’t thought of it first”. “The Class of 1978 is pretty tight. We’ve been told at our reunions by outside observers that we’re atypical, that we have larger turnouts and more enthusiasm than many other classes,” Keith shared. The decision to start the RCHS Class of 1978 Community Fund was a no-brainer.


In the meantime, the funds for the classes of ’63, ’69 and ’79 all met their goals, but the class of ’78 was struggling. Keith turned to his friends, Cindy Powers and Karen Brashaber – both class of ’79 grads and RCCF board members – for advice. They shared their tips, and Keith put them into action. With a mix of simple math, gentle reminders and a healthy dose of peer pressure, the donations began pouring in! The class of ’78 also met its goal.


I hope that establishing these class funds will educate many alumni about RCCF and get them involved in various ways.  I love RCCF, and I love the Class of 1978,” Keith exclaimed!


We’re grateful to Keith for his continued passion for the community and for RCCF. He is a real class act.

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