Grantee Update: Boys & Girls Club of Rush County

2023 Recipient $24,995: Community Grants

submitted by Katherine Good, Director of Resource Development

The Boys & Girls Club of Rush County purchased an iWall to upgrade our game room. Through its unique body motion activation and multitude of game options, the iWall simultaneously promote healthy living, academic success, and good citizenship.


The iWall includes two large displays, a computer, a motion sensor and 15 interactive fitness games. More games are available for a separate purchase. All ages and fitness levels are capable of play, with 1–2 players able to play at the same time. Key features promoted by iWall include: mobility, balance, muscular endurance, coordination, reaction speed, spatial awareness, strategy, timing, and focus. The iWall can be considered part of a new movement of fitness called “exergaming.” Exergaming requires the player to be the joystick or controller, with the game only moving as fast as the strength or endurance the player exerts. The faster you run and the higher you raise your knees, the faster you run in the game. The iWall is getting our kids moving, learning, and working as teammates.


Our goal is to combat high obesity rates by promoting healthy, active lifestyles; academic success by incorporating education into “fun;” and good citizenship through teamwork and good sportsmanship.


For decades our games room kept up with the times; kids could contentedly play pool, air hockey, and carpet ball during their Club time. However, time has brought a lot of change with what will keep a child’s interest, with even schools turning to Chromebooks for more effective and efficient learning. We knew that we had to change and adapt with the times and thanks to RCCF we were
able to add much needed technology into our games room.


Each game that members select requires them to be physically active to play, adding more healthy lifestyles choices in addition to our traditional daily gym activities. The iWall promotes education as Club members must learn how to use the new technology. Perhaps more than we even expected, members are showing better teamwork and good sportsmanship by waiting in line and cheering each other on while waiting for their next turn.



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