Featured Board Members

Introducing Our 2020 Board of Directors: David Malson

David Malson is a Hoosier through and through. Born in Rushville, he graduated from Rushville High School. He earned his undergraduate degree at Indiana University Bloomington and his J.D. at the IU School of Law Indianapolis. He returned to his roots to set up his law practice and has been here ever since.   Dave  … Read more

Introducing Our 2020 Board of Directors: Bob Gulde

Bob Gulde is a lifelong Rush County resident and a new member of the RCCF board of directors. He attended RCHS and graduated in the class of 1984. College and law school are the only two instances that drew him away from home. After completing undergrad studies at Indiana University and obtaining a J.D. from  … Read more

Introducing Our 2020 Board of Directors: Keith Perin

Keith Perin has lived in Rush County for a good portion of his life, moving to the area when he was about six. He graduated in the RCHS class of ’78. He went on to earn a BA in Education at Indiana Central University (now the University of Indianapolis) and an MA in English at  … Read more

Our Gratitude for a Job Well Done

2019 Departing Board Members (left to right): Phillip Morgan, Diana White, Larry Mull, not pictured: Larrie Rose One of the biggest benefits to living in a small community is the ability to jump in and make a difference. While it’s not difficult to find new and worthy opportunities, the work itself is never easy. It  … Read more

Scholar Update: Ben Wicker

When local farmer Ben Wicker isn’t out on the farm, he is working to educate farmers about fertilizers and manure. Ben serves as the executive director for the non-profit organization Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance. Ben is also father to three charming girls. Because of his daughters, Ben is very active at Milroy Elementary School where  … Read more

Introducing our 2019 Board of Directors: Larry Mull

Larry Mull is a proud resident of the Arlington community.  After returning to Rush County for retirement, he brings a unique perspective from his prior residency.  Sharing his time and talents with the Rush County Community Foundation is a perfect fit, as his easy-going manner allows him to relate well with the citizens and groups  … Read more

Introducing our 2019 Board of Directors: Marilyn Yager

With a career at Procter & Gamble, Marilyn Yager brings a keen business acumen to the board.  In her spare time, she digs into gardening, genealogy, and quilting while giving back to her community through various means, including the Rush County Community Foundation board where she currently serves as treasurer. Read more about Marilyn below:  … Read more

Introducing our 2019 Board of Directors: Phillip Morgan

From being a scholarship recipient to serving as a committee and board member, Phillip Morgan has experienced many facets of the Rush County Community Foundation.  Having served as board president in the past, he is a supporter of all things Rush County, where he now raises his family. His experience relative to the law and  … Read more

Introducing our 2019 Board of Directors: Karen Brashaber

Karen Brashaber is a lifetime Rush County resident and educator.  Raising her three children in our community and seeing firsthand the impact the RCCF can bring by having a child who was a Lilly Endowment Scholar, Karen has chosen to give back by serving as a board member.  Her service on committees and as the  … Read more

Introducing our 2019 Board of Directors: Greg Harcourt

A life-long Rush County resident, Greg Harcourt brings many years of business experience to the board. His easygoing, energetic nature leads him to serving various community organizations, where he serves willingly and in a thoughtful manner.  After working and raising his two children in Rush County, his understanding of the community and his deep, personal, and passionate  … Read more