Richard K. Levi Family Fund Established


The family of Richard “Rick” Levi recently established a new permanent endowment fund with the Rush County Community Foundation.  Rick’s wife, Chris, and daughters Heidi Cornett and Jacqueline Gudanowski, decided to memorialize their beloved husband and father by honoring his contributions to the Rush County Community Foundation with a permanent endowment fund in his name.  The Richard K. Levi Family Community Fund is an unrestricted endowment fund that will support the community grants program.


When considering how to appropriately honor their late husband and father, Chris, Heidi and Jacqueline had little hesitation in the determination that establishing a fund in his memory at the Rush County Community Foundation was the right choice for their family.  As one of the three founders of the Rush County Community Foundation, Rick’s passion for philanthropy and Rush County was well-known.  By electing to establish a fund that supports the Foundation’s community grants program, his name will forever be associated with making a charitable difference in our community through grants provided to nonprofit organizations.


Alisa Winters, RCCF Executive Director said, “I’d like to thank Rick’s family for establishing this Fund.  Rick’s contributions to the Rush County community through the creation of the Foundation and his eagerness for promoting the Foundation are simply immeasurable.  He has long been regarded as one of our greatest advocates and assets by those involved with the Foundation, and he will be deeply missed.  We are honored that his family selected our organization as a way to keep his legacy alive.  Rick will be remembered with each grant awarded, forever.”


The Rush County Community Foundation would not exist if not for Rick’s contributions of time, legal expertise and passion for making Rush County a better place.  If you would like to honor Rick and his family, you may send a donation to the Rush County Community Foundation, 117 N. Main St., Rushville, IN 46173 with a note included that you would like it added to the Richard K. Levi Family Community Fund.


Meeting the philanthropic needs of Rush County since 1991, The Rush County Community Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit public charity established  to serve donors, award grants and scholarships, and provide leadership to enrich and enhance the quality of life in Rush County, Indiana, not only today, but for our future generations.

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