Fall Grant Cycle is Open

The Fall Grant deadline is September 1st for the Community Grant program and for the following field-of-interest grants. Find applications and eligibility requirements.  If you are unable to download an application, please contact us at (765)938-1177 or info@rushcountyfoundation.org.

  • Community Grant Program (application)– The Fall Cycle 2 of the RCCF Community Grant Program is open and will award competitive grants to local nonprofits. To begin the application process, submit a one page letter of intent by September 1st. 
  • Kenneth and Charlotte Brashaber Teacher Enhancement Award (application) – This fund benefits curriculum development for Rushville Consolidated High School teachers. Teachers are encouraged to apply for a proposed activity or project within or outside of the classroom or for additional schooling to further education enhancement. Priority will be given to creative or unconventional ideas. This year, the fund will award $2,200 to the chosen teacher.
  • Rush County Community Foundation Education Fund (application) – Established in 1994, this fund supports education-related projects not provided for in the Rush County School’s budget. Teachers, students, administrators, and volunteer parents are all eligible to apply. This year, $3,890 is available to assist the selected recipients’ projects.
  • Music for Rush Co. Fund (application) – Established by Faith Davis Ellison in memory of her husband E. Floyd Ellison, this fund provides support to encourage music participation and enjoyment for the community as a whole, especially encouraging adult appreciation of music. This year, $3,900 is available, providing funding that could bring a concert performance to Rush County, support local music groups, allow music teachers to attend a workshop, or bring a music program to an elementary or middle school.
  • Alex Workman Memorial Fund (application) – Established by Robert and Angela Workman in memory of their son Alex, this fund provides support to children with autism. Rush County families who have a child with autism may apply for special services, payments for summer camps, or therapy equipment not covered by insurance. Teachers may apply to take classes or training in working with children with autism, or for supplies that are needed for directly working with students with autism. This year, $4,790 is available to assist the selected recipient(s).
  • Rita Yager Memorial Ag Grant Fund (application) – Rita Yager was instrumental in establishing the Agricultural Careers and Education (ACE) organization in Rush County. This fund provides grants for education, safety, and the improvement of agriculture-related projects. Non-profit agencies serving Rush County residents are eligible to apply. Applicants should be introducing a program, tool, or education that will impact those involved with agriculture in Rush County. $3,370 is available for award.
  • Rush County Youth Athletic Fund (application) – Established in 1993 by James Robert Billman, this fund provides support for the development and training of amateur athletes and coaches, including competitions which promote athletics as a healthy lifestyle and higher educational opportunities for youth through athletic excellence. Preference is also given to programs that include underprivileged youth in Rush County. $355 is available to award this year.

The staff at the RCCF is eager to help. If you are interested in applying to any of these grant programs, or even establishing a field-of-interest fund of your own, please contact us! We’d love to partner with you in improving and supporting our community.

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