Connecting the Dots

Remember dot to dot puzzles? You know, those pages from childhood with lots of tiny black spots. Each had a number next to it, and you followed along drawing a line between them. At the end, a picture was revealed. It felt like magic.


That’s a simple way to think about what community foundations do. We connect people like you who care to the causes that need your help and matter most, through grants, scholarships, and leadership. Here’s where the magic happens – with your gifts of money, time, and endorsements you add another line to the drawing, helping complete the full picture of our community. If you’d like to know more, here’s a piece we shared to kick off Community Foundation Week this past Sunday.


When we work together, we see the big picture and can make sure that everyone in Rush County has what they need to thrive. This Thanksgiving, and every day, this is what we are most grateful for – our connection to you. If you’d like to see it drawn out, here’s a puzzle. You might enjoy bringing it to your holiday celebration to share with your loved ones. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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