What is a Community Foundation?

Community Foundation Week is November 12-18. It’s the perfect opportunity to share what we do to work with you to make sure Rush County is cared for today, tomorrow, and forever.


Community Foundation 101

Let’s start with the basics. What is a community foundation? The official definition says, “a tax-exempt, publicly-funded nonprofit with a long-term goal of building a permanent source of money to benefit a specific geographic region.”


An easy way to think of it is that we help donors like you support the causes that matter most to them in Rush County by awarding grants to nonprofits and scholarships to students. Whether that’s a specific organization, cemetery, or church; a certain field of interest; or the ever-changing needs of our community, you can be sure that your gift stays local. We can help you plan now to leave a legacy after your lifetime.


We also work with various groups and stakeholders to make positive change for the community. Our CBAP (Community Based Action Planning) initiative brought together volunteers from throughout the county to work on projects ranging from mental health to tourism and beyond. We’ve been involved with the REC Center from the beginning, receiving a $5M grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to jumpstart the project.


The end result is to improve life for everyone in Rush County today and always.


Think of our purpose as a three-legged stool – we serve donors, award grants and scholarships and provide community leadership.


Endowed Funds

Using donations to create grants and scholarships is easy to understand. But how does that work forever? This is where endowed, or permanent, funds come in.


Donations are organized into funds. RCCF has more than 200 funds. Each fund has its own purpose and set of regulations determined by the founding donor. If you don’t see a fund that speaks to your dreams for Rush County, you can start your own fund.


Here’s how the support from those donations lasts forever. Money is placed in endowed funds and is carefully invested. The earnings are used to create grants and scholarships. The original donation remains invested to keep earning more money for more grants and scholarships. Forever. Whether it’s $500,000 or $5, your impact keeps growing. Think of it as the power of endowment. It’s what is unique about the mission of RCCF and sets us apart from other nonprofits.


A donation received in 1991 is still supporting good work today! And it will always. You can’t make a bigger impact.


Want to learn more? Contact us by email info@rushcountyfoundation.org or phone (765)938-1177. Stop by our office at 117 N. Main Street in Rushville. We’re always happy to see you and answer any questions you might have.

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