Bill and Debbie Herdrich Recognized for Contributions to the Rush County Community Foundation

Last fall, Bill and Debbie Herdrich were recognized at the Rush County Community Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Celebration for their extensive contributions to our community and to the Rush County Community Foundation (RCCF).  On Tuesday evening, the Board of Directors of the Rush County Community Foundation formally recognized Bill, Debbie, and the Herdrich family with a brief picture presentation.  Alisa Winters, Executive Director of the Rush County Community Foundation, presented the family a framed photo of Bill and Debbie created by Green’s Photography.  After the conclusion of the presentation, the photo was hung on the Donor Wall by Bill.  The Donor Wall at the Rush County Community Foundation was created in the early 2000’s to honor donors that have contributed $50,000 or more to the Foundation.


Bill and Debbie have been involved with the Foundation since our earliest days.  Their love of the community has provided thousands of dollars in contributions that has assisted the growth of existing endowments at RCCF, and their specific interests have been directly impacted by their establishment of the Varsity Scholars Fund, Boy Scouts of America Fund, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church Endowment and Pass-Through Funds, RCHS Swimming Fund, and the Thomas F. Marshall Scholarship Fund.


Beyond providing financial support to the community, Bill specifically has been a dedicated volunteer to the Rush County Community Foundation for 22 years.  Bill served as one of our earliest board members in 1995, and continued his service on our board until 2001.  He has been active on various committees, and remains involved with our Investment Committee.  His service and leadership has provided guiding principles to our staff and Board of Directors.


The seeds of philanthropy were sown decades ago in the Herdrich family.  Bill and Debbie are the second generation of Herdrichs featured on our Donor Wall. Bill’s mother, Ruth Jinks Herdrich, instilled the concept of paying it forward in her children and grandchildren at a young age.  She gave generously to both Rush and Fayette County Foundations, and was instrumental to our Foundation’s early success.  Ingrained with this spirit of philanthropy, Bill and Debbie’s generosity has provided in excess of $100,000 to the Rush County Community Foundation, impacting a variety of organizations and causes for Rush County.


Bill and Debbie have shared their spirit of philanthropy with their children, and their daughter, Heather Herdrich Meckes, has been a long-time volunteer, board member, and supporter of the Foundation as well.  She is one of the founders of the CIRCLe Fund and assists the Youth In Philanthropy Fund, sharing her philanthropic knowledge with high schoolers, including her own children Walker and Lincoln.  As a Foundation, we’re humbled to have four generations of the Herdrich family involved with our organization.


Meeting the philanthropic needs of Rush County since 1991, The Rush County Community Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit public charity established to serve donors, award grants and scholarships, and provide leadership to enrich and enhance the quality of life in Rush County, Indiana, not only today, but for our future generations.  For more information please visit or contact the office at 117 N. Main St., Rushville, IN 46173, or call (765) 938-1177.

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