Meet the RCCF Board: John Corn

Meet the RCCF Board: John Corn

A person’s favorite book can tell a lot about them. John Corn, new RCCF Board Member, loves reading, and counts Tuesdays with Morrie as his most cherished title. The author reconnects with a beloved professor who is near the end of his life. Through their conversations, the teacher shares a final lesson – what a  … Read more

Donor Spotlight: Jennifer and Greg Krodel

The Krodel Family

Simplicity. During a recent conversation with RCCF donor Jennifer Krodel, this word surfaced again and again. She and her husband, Greg, along with their three children work hard and love deeply. But of course, it’s not quite as simple as that.   We all have people who have influenced us, and if we’re lucky, it  … Read more

The Fred Marshall Healthy Futures Fund of RCCF Focuses on Nutrition

Jennifer Harcourt Buchanan and Fred Marshall

Dear friends, Jennifer Harcourt Buchanan and Fred Marshall, celebrate during the RCHS Class of 1969’s 50th reunion. A generous gift from the Buchanan Family Foundation has established the Fred Marshall Healthy Futures Fund at RCCF. The new fund focuses on nutrition.   The Rush County Community Assistance Food Pantry (RCCA) and local Purdue Extension office  … Read more

2020 In a Word

2020 Wrap Up

When 2020 began, the question on our minds was – Is Rush County ready for change? We certainly didn’t anticipate the TYPE of changes we would face, but we did get one thing right. HOW we would handle them – TOGETHER.   In preparation for the large scale funding opportunity from Lilly Endowment Inc., we  … Read more

Our Gratitude to the Board Members Departing in 2021

It’s that bittersweet time of the year, the changing of the guard, so to speak. Some board members must leave so that others can join. With so much gratitude, we’re definitely not saying goodbye, but “see you later” to these four!   Greg Harcourt led us through one of our most challenging years yet with  … Read more

Donor Spotlight: Wilma Jo Kile

The importance of education has been a foundation of RCCF donor, Wilma Jo Kile’s life. Growing up in in Rush County’s southeast corner, she recalls, “It wasn’t ‘if’ but ‘when’, my brother and I would go to college.”   This expectation has benefitted her and our community so well.   Her father, Ebert Schroeder, had  … Read more

Calling All Chicks: 2021 CIRCLe Fund Membership Deadline Approaching

When Betsy Williams learned about women’s giving circles, she reached out to her friends and mutual RCCF supporters – Pam Hoeing, Shelly King, Heather Meckes, Amy Ploeger, Cindy Taff, with a dream in tow. Pam recalled, “Each one of us had gained valuable experience serving many years with the RCCF in numerous ways. We all  … Read more

RCCF Flashback Fridays: Celebrating 30 Years

RCCF Flashback Friday

Did you know RCCF is turning 30 this year? It’s true! In celebration, we’re going to dig through the archives and share photos and memories. Have your own? Post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us and then use #RCCFFlashbackFriday, or send along by email. We’d love to see them! No one should  … Read more

A VERY Exciting Update

The time is right!

We’ve been quietly sharing news about the $5 million proposal we submitted to Lilly Endowment Inc. at the end of August to bring the dream of a Community Center to Rush County. (Read more about the history of this project.)   Guess what? The time is right, and we’re ready to shout it from the  … Read more

Donate to the Thank-A-Teacher Fund

Give teachers the gift that makes as big of a difference as they do

2020 has definitely taught us many lessons, especially just how valuable our teachers and school staff are. Mugs with “Best Teacher Ever” are cute, but want to give them a gift that makes as big of a difference as they do? Donate to the Thank-A-Teacher Fund (Rush County Education)! We’ll notify them of your kindness  … Read more