YIP Spotlight: Sadie Meckes

Sadie Meckes recently took time out of her busy schedule working at Angie’s List to talk about her time in Youth in Philanthropy (YIP). Sadie claims this organization is what taught her about philanthropy and was the first time that she felt she had a voice when she was young. Now, she uses that voice to talk about YIP often, especially when reminiscing about when the team planted flowers at the edge of town. Not only did this experience make the community beautiful, but it showed Sadie that she loves to garden! YIP also showed Sadie that philanthropy fills her bucket and makes her happy. (If you haven’t read the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud, check it out!) Sadie has a passion for this community, and she is so proud of the progress that has happened over the last few years. Sadie believes that “Rushville is awesome,” and RCCF couldn’t agree more! Keep filling up buckets with your kind heart and strong voice, Sadie!

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