YIP Spotlight: Grant Hill

RCHS senior Grant Hill is proud of his hometown roots and the work ethic being a Rush County farmer has given him. When he is not working in the fields or feeding the cattle on his family farm, Grant is playing football and participating in FFA, Principal’s Advisory Board, Union Progressive Farmers 4-H Club, and Youth in Philanthropy (YIP). Grant really loves his time with YIP because he gets to be around people who enjoy giving to others, which has made him more generous. Football has also helped him become more generous and a mentor through the youth programs the team puts on. Grant pulls his mentoring advice from the advice he received from active community members who helped him in the past. Because of their example, Grant feels called to be philanthropic and help those around him. RCCF is glad Grant has such amazing role models, and we are sure he will grow into someone others can look up to, too!

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