YIP Spotlight: Chloe Bretzlaff

Chloe Bretzlaff is a sophomore at Marian University studying biology and volunteering through Circle K, blood drives, and MU group work days. Just before she moved back to school this semester, Chloe finished her second internship with the Mayor’s office. Chloe has been a vital part of the exciting city council projects over the past couple years, such as the update and relocation of the Farmer’s Market and makeover of the Princess Theater. Being involved in the community is a passion for Chloe that was formed during her time in Youth In Philanthropy (YIP). Through YIP, Chloe learned that she doesn’t have to move a mountain every time she wants to make a change; simply hanging up flyers or going to a meeting can make a difference. For example, Chloe attends some city council and school board meetings, and because of these meetings, she knows about the amazing projects headed to Rushville over the next few years. Having this knowledge in advance allows Chloe time to figure out how she can help with these events. Many people think they don’t have the time to become involved, but Chloe’s method could work for anyone! 


Many people also think that philanthropic service means donating money which can be daunting, especially for students and young adults. However, Chloe has a realization for that too: “Money isn’t always what people need; sometimes they need resources and help. Connecting people and forming relationships is so important.” RCCF could not agree more, and we look forward to seeing how Chloe is going to continue serving others, both at Marian University and here in Rushville!

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