Transforming Our Community One Hour at a Time

National Volunteer Week officially begins on April 16. Most of us take for granted – or don’t even realize in the first place – just how vital volunteers are to our community. From fighting fires to running events to heading nonprofits and all points in between, it takes many people stepping up into roles and serving to ensure our community thrives. And the smaller the community, the more important those people are. If you are one of these folks who give your time to a cause, we are celebrating you – thank you! 


Here at RCCF, it takes many hands and hearts to continue our mission of enhancing and enriching life in Rush County, not just today, but for generations to come. We want to recognize the invaluable work of our board of directors, committee members, and CBAP volunteers. Your votes are transforming our community one hour at a time. We are so grateful!



Our board of directors is responsible for stewarding all aspects of the Foundation including finances, personnel, and compliance with legal and ethical standards. They establish policies and strategies for grantmaking. They have the final approval of all grant and scholarship recommendations. Each member serves on at least one committee. They are ambassadors for RCCF while representing the community as a whole and put its interest at the heart of their decisions.

Laura Ash: Finance & Investment, Grants, Scholarship Committees + First5; Karen Brashaber, President: Donor Engagement, Executive, Scholarship Committees; Toni Schultz: Donor Engagement, Scholarship Committees; Denise Hoeing, Secretary: Executive, Finance & Investment, Grants, Scholarship Committees; Arika Marlatt: Donor Engagement, Scholarship Committees + First5; Dave Malson: Grants, Scholarship Committees; Phil Kuhn, Vice President: Executive, Finance & Investment Committees; Phil King, Treasurer: Executive, Finance & Investment, Scholarship Committees + REC Center; Ben Wicker: Donor Engagement, Scholarship Committees; Keith Perin: Executive, Finance & Investment, Grants, Scholarship Committees; David Burkhardt: Grants Committee



The Donor Engagement Committee helps us plan and run events like the Scholarship Celebration and show gratitude to our supporters. These people are creative and warm and put a special touch on everything they do.

Karen Brashaber
Joni Fenimore
Kris Herbert
Arika Marlatt, Chair
Natasha Orme
Toni Schultz
Ben Wicker 



The Finance & Investment Committee oversees our investments. They review financial statements and audits and meet with our advisors and auditors. These are our numbers people who make sure we operating by the book.

Laura Ash
Denise Hoeing
Phil King, Chair
Phil Kuhn
Diana Marlatt
Kelly Morgan
Devon Niehoff
Keith Perin



The Grants Committee is responsible for reading and discussing grant applications. They make recommendations for awards based on the greatest impact for the largest number of people with regards to issues or interests that are expressed by our community. These people are ensuring we’re good stewards of your gifts.

Laura Ash
David Burkhardt
John Corn
Barbara Harcourt
Denise Hoeing, Chair
Phil Kuhn
Dave Malson
Larry Mull
Keith Perin
Jessica Vogel
Ben Wicker
Marilyn Yager



The Scholarship Committee is responsible for reading, reviewing, and scoring scholarship applications. With more than 70 scholarships and 1100+ applications, many eyes make lighter work.

Connie Amos
Laura Ash
Karen Brashaber
Debbie Burkhardt
Beth Buzzard
Carrie Cloud
Denise Connolly
Ashley Daubenspeck
Kathy Dean
Robin Fogg
Ginny Foster
Carol Geise
Suellen Goddard
Mark Gordon
Kim Heim
Denise Hoeing
Mandy Horn
Phil King
Kellie Kuhn
Kathy Leavens
Kris Leising

Linda Levi
Barb Malson
Dave Malson
Arika Marlatt
Gracie Marlatt
Tai Morrell
Linda Naylor
Keith Perin
Lauren Perin
Daniel Riddell
Jane Riddell
Toni Schultz
Cindy Taff
Craig Tucker
Lee Vaughan
Jessica Vogel
Mindy Vogel
Eric Wagner
Ben Wicker



We have to admit, it’s nerve wracking to make sure we list EVERYONE who has helped bring the CBAP (Community Based Action Planning) projects to life. That’s the beauty of this process; people come and go as they like. Here are just a few of their beautiful faces. These are the people working for positive change in Rush County.

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