The Deadline is Approaching to join this year’s CIRCLe!

Connecting Mentors to Students …

Making History Available to Young People …

Providing Safety and Support During a Rough Period in Life…

These are just a few things that you could be part of when you join us in the CIRCLe!


We would love to have you! The CIRCLe women have been positively affecting Rush County citizens in a BIG way since we began in 2013. This grant fund is unique in that the people who contribute get a vote and the awarded grant size varies depending on the number of members in the CIRCLe annually. One constant, however, is that the grant is always large.


We sincerely hope you will join us this year. The donation of a minimum of $300 may be mailed, or made in person at the Rush County Community Foundation office. The donation deadline is October 31. We would love to encourage you and your friends to join us. Since 2013, the Circle Fund has awarded $45,500 in grants! Last year’s Grant was $12,000. Won’t you help us grow so we can award $15,000 or more in 2018?


The CIRCLe Fund is a permanently endowed grant fund at the Rush County Community Foundation that provides support to the community by bringing women together who share a common interest in philanthropic projects. For more information, please visit the Rush County Community Foundation office at 117 N. Main St. Rushville or online at

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