Youth in Philanthropy

The Youth in Philanthropy fund, also known as YIP, was founded in 2005 by Betsy and Rick Williams. Betsy had recently become the executor of an estate that had funds remaining and wanted to put the money to good use for the Rush County community.

The Williams each grew up in philanthropic families and had learned to give time and money. They have also always been involved with youth and youth organizations so when the opportunity arose, YIP was the obvious outlet to teach children the same important lessons they had learned as kids.

The YIP group consists of 16 nominated high school students, four from each grade, and two adult leaders, Heather Meckes and Betsy Williams. Both leaders hope to plant a seed of philanthropy in the community. The students are in charge of service projects, fundraisers, and making decisions on grants.

Youth in Philanthropy gives money to youth-led service projects for the betterment of Rush County. Past grant recipients include Girl Scouts (to make dog beds for the animal shelter), Peer Helpers and Facilitators “PHAF” (to make care packages for the elementary), and FFA *to purchase candy for their Truck-or-Treat).

The Youth in Philanthropy Fund was established on December 15, 2005 by Betsy and Rick Williams. The fund promotes youth philanthropy in Rush County through grants for public service projects.

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