Rush County Community Foundation Announces 2016 Scholarship Recipients


On Monday, May 16, 2016 the Rush County Community Foundation distributed 147 scholarship awards to 86 students at their 2016 Scholarship Celebration held at the Rushville Consolidated High School Cafeteria. These scholarships were awarded from 69 local scholarship funds endowed at the Foundation.  The 2016 Lilly Endowment Community Scholar was also recognized.  The evening’s celebration was attended by 270 donors, fund representatives, Foundation board and committee members, recipients and families.


Alisa Winters, RCCF Executive Director, welcomed everyone on behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and staff.  After her introduction, she continued:  “Tonight’s scholarship celebration provides us with an opportunity to not only celebrate our deserving recipients, but also a moment to recognize our donors.  Without our donors, many of whom are with us tonight, we wouldn’t be here this evening.   Tonight’s awards total $158,658.48, and invested donations in our scholarship funds totaling 3.75 million are the reason your award is possible.  “


Phillip Morgan, RCCF Board President, thanked everyone for attending our annual Scholarship Celebration.  He gave special acknowledgements to the staff, Board of Directors, and scholarship committees for the immense time and dedication given throughout the busy months determining scholarship recipients.  Phillip then turned his focus to the scholarship recipients and the scholarship donors:  “…The real reason we are all here tonight is because of the founding donors of the scholarships being awarded.  If it weren’t for the generosity of the individuals, families, and groups that started the scholarship funds, we wouldn’t be here tonight, regardless of your achievements. “


Phillip concluded by thanking the donors present, “Thank you for believing in our future generation’s education and choosing to honor your friend or loved one by establishing a scholarship fund through the Foundation.  You are changing lives.  Donors, we know that while tonight is a joyous occasion, it can be bittersweet as well.  We hope the joy you receive tonight from being with the recipients can help ease the feeling of loss, even if for a little while. For many of you, this isn’t your first scholarship celebration, and I hope you have had positive experiences so far.  We look forward to continuing to work with you for years to come.”


Angie Bane, Kendra Steible, and Keith Perin joined Morgan, fund representatives, RCCF board members and Winters in presenting the scholarship awards to the students.


One of the highlights of the annual celebration is to have the past Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship recipient return after completing four years in the program to provide an update on their college experience and how the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship and Rush County Community Foundation made an impact on their life.  The 2012 recipient Natalie Kopf addressed those present.  She thanked her family, the Foundation and Lilly Endowment, Inc. for the support she had throughout her four years at Purdue University.  Natalie is looking forward to taking the next steps towards her future by getting married and working on her Masters’ Degree.


The 2016 scholarships awarded are as follows:


Scholarship Fund Recipient
Hubert and Grace Alexander Scholarship Fund Sarah Innis
John Sam Anderson Scholarship Fund Laura Smith
Lelande Anise Hunt Beher Memorial Scholarship Fund Kristina Spaeth, Alicia Cole
Marcia and Les Blair Community Scholarship Fund Carissa Comstock
BPW Working Woman’s Scholarship Fund Crystal Caudell, Samantha Estes
Ken Brashaber FFA Scholarship Fund Nathaniel Buening
Ken Brashaber Purdue Farmhouse Scholarship Fund Austin Hubbell
Scott Brooks Memorial Scholarship Fund Makayla Herbert
Grant Brower Memorial Scholarship Fund Alicia Troyer
Jack and Cinda Brown Basketball Mental Attitude Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Cramer, Wesley Green
Richard and Loretta Busald Family Nursing Scholarship Crystal Caudell
Hubert E. and Anna Louise Chance Scholarship Fund Kaitlin Chandler
Harold Clifton, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Devin Lux
Mental Health Association Bobby Dean Scholarship Andrew Asbury
Richard S. Earnest Diabetes Scholarship Fund Samantha Harrison
Morris F. and Jane Marshall Fisher Fund Michael VanSchoyck, Austin Schindler
Danny E. and Barbara J. Gettinger Family Scholarship Fund Austin Hubbell, Rebecca Riggs
Elizabeth “Betty” Green and Barbara Blackledge Green

Memorial Scholarship Fund

Shelbie Brown
Dr. Frank H. And Jean C. Green Memorial Fund Alicia Troyer
David L. Green, M.D. Creativity Award Blake Dougherty, Hunter Barnett
Norma R. Harcourt School of Nursing Memorial Scholarship Fund Casey Yager
Carol Niehoff Hardwick Memorial Scholarship Fund Brevin Runnebohm, Kristina Spaeth
Lora Brook Hatfield Memorial Scholarship Fund Drake Peggs, Jalyn Miller
Kyle Henderson Memorial Scholarship Fund Shawn Delay, Rebecca Riggs, Devin Lux
Frank L. Hilburt and Frances L. Hilburt Fund Jessica Cole, Jessica Miller, Rebecca Riggs, David Sheehan, Casey Yager, Justin Yager, Taylor Yager, Matthew Fogg, Kyle Hoeing, Logan Hornberger, Austin Hubbell, Sarah Innis, Brooke Kirchoff, Chase Marsden, Matthew Neuman, Lauryn Payne, Brandi Spaeth, Kristina Spaeth, Michael VanSchoyck, Mitchell Wagoner, Clarissa Buening, Crystal Caudell, Alicia Cole, Austin Dwenger, Mariah Fenimore, Sarah Harpring, Bree Huskins, McKenzie Mohler, Nathan Niehoff, Abigail Roszell, Heidi Schultz, Michael Tague, Allison Wilson, Andrew Asbury, Hannah Augsburger, Kari Carter, Michaela Colestock, Monica Dougherty, Lucy Dyer, Evan Hallgarth, Amy Neuman, Ellie Sammons, Kevin McMinn, Keragan Niehoff, Michaela Orme
Ruth and Bill Houk Scholarship Fund Makayla Herbert
Jeff Hufford Memorial Scholarship Fund Yessica Leon
Courtney Anne Huskins Memorial Scholarship Fund Nathaniel Buening, Kaylyn Boyd, Spencer Brown, Spencer Comer
Jinks Family Scholarship Fund Jacqueline Fritz
Rush County Junior Leader 4-H Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Field, Brooklyn Herbert
Michael J. Keith Memorial Scholarship Fund Shawn Delay, Matthew Fogg, Austin Hubbell, Nathaniel Buening
George E. King D.V.M. Veterinary Scholarship Fund Fayella Horn
Kiwanis Scholarship Fund Makayla Herbert
Madeline Gullion Knight Memorial Scholarship Fund Heidi Schultz
Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Emilee Rogers
Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship Nominee Fund Laura Smith
Grayson J. Mahin Scholarship Fund Meghan Barnes
Thomas F. Marshall Scholarship Fund Erika Sasher
Mays Elementary 1929-2014 Scholarship Fund Tanner Leisure
Jessy L. McClure Memorial Scholarship Fund Jordan Linville
Joan L. McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Field, Jessica Cole
Robert Meyer and Family 4-H Scholarship Fund Lauryn Payne
Phillip E. Mitchell Scholarship Fund Jacqueline Fritz
Dick Neeb Memorial Scholarship Fund Parrish Gant, Andrew Knecht, Cameron Cox
Stephen M. Petry Memorial Scholarship Fund Bree Huskins
Bob and Avie Pike Family Memorial R.N. Scholarship Fund Casey Yager
R. N. Club Scholarship Clarissa Buening
Rex A. and Lucille G. Readle Educational Fund Jessica Miller, Monica Dougherty
Duward G. Reddick Kiwanis Scholarship Fund Thomas Holloman, Spencer Brown
Robert H. Schondelmayer Bible College Scholarship Fund Thomas Holloman
Charlotte Frame Sleeth Fund Justin Yager, Kaylyn Boyd
Mildreth I. (Jackson) and Byron P. Smith Fund Shelbie Brown, Trey Newton-Gossett
Holli Spaeth Memorial Scholarship Fund Brooklyn Herbert, Zoey Griffin, Jordan Linville, Makayla Herbert, Jaylyn Miller
Ashley Spurlin Memorial Scholarship Fund Samantha Fowler, Logan Hornberger
Porky Wainwright Scholarship Fund Cameron Cox
Wilma Wainwright Scholarship Fund Brandi Spaeth
Rush County Friends of Purdue University Scholarship Fund:

Mary Katherine Waits, Principal Donor

Jordan Linville
Jean H. Walker and Ivan G. Alexander Fund Tanner Leisure
Ward, Richardson and Corn Families Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Field
Marian G. White Purdue Scholarship Fund Andrew Asbury
Alice R. Wiley Scholarship Fund Kaitlin Chandler
Gordon D. and Mary S. Wilson Fund Sarah Harpring, Ryan Fogg, Audrey Land, Kylee Elleman
John and Susan Wilson Unsung Hero Award Shelbie Brown
Robert L. Winters Scholarship Fund Audrey Land


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