RCCF’s New “Rush County Ag Fund” Provides Opportunity for Grain Contributions to Impact Agriculture Locally

The Rush County Community Foundation exists to enrich and enhance the quality of life in Rush County.  The Foundation has been able to fulfill its mission time and again because of the generosity of our donors, who provide contributions to permanent endowment funds that grant dollars out to the charitable needs of our community…forever.


Aside from furthering the good work of our organization, among the reasons people give to the Rush County Community Foundation (RCCF) is for tax benefits.  All contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible.  As the standard deduction continues to rise, fewer individuals can itemize to deduct cash donations from their federal income taxes.


Donating grain to the RCCF is an opportunity for our local farm families to save on their taxes, regardless if they contribute enough to qualify for the standard deduction.  A cash-basis farmer that contributes grain to the Foundation does not have to include the sale of crops in their income, which results in saving self-employment tax, federal income tax, and state income tax.  Additionally, the cost of growing crops is still deductible.


To further the impact of charitable dollars from our agricultural community, the Foundation is excited to announce that the Rush County Ag Fund, a new permanent endowment fund, has been established.  The field of interest fund will provide grants to support nonprofit agricultural programming for educational training, youth farm programs, and preserving the history of agriculture in Rush County.  All grain contributions received will directly benefit the Rush County Ag Fund.  When our local farm families choose to “Harvest for the Future of Rush County”, they can rest assured that their valuable commodities are providing opportunity for the development of the field of agriculture across generations in Rush County.

Gifting grain to the Foundation is incredibly easy:

  • Deliver the grain to your preferred local elevator or market
  • Determine how many bushels you would like to donate
  • Use the included form to transfer your gift into the Rush County Community Foundation account
  • Keep receipt(s) of your donation for your records


If you are eager to support the Rush County Ag Fund before harvest, cash contributions are accepted as well.  As the Rush County Ag Fund grows through your generosity, the ability for us to preserve, educate, and impact Rush County’s leading industry will develop.


For additional information on the Rush County Ag Fund, the Rush County Community Foundation, our existing 195 permanent endowment funds, or any of the grants we have made, visit our website or our office at 117 N Main St in Rushville.

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