RCCF Supports Rush County Students with Grant

Our lives changed in an instant once the pandemic reached Indiana. Daily routines changed for everyone, including students. Rush County Schools (RCS) scrambled successfully to create lessons and processes for delivering them in about a day. While eLearning itself was not new, the extended time period in which it would take place certainly was.


A serious challenge they faced was that not all students had access to the Internet at home. Donations to the Rush to Help: COVID-19 Rapid Relief Fund provided a $5,000 grant to fill this gap. RCS purchased WiFi hotspots with three months of connectivity to make certain all students could continue learning.


I am thankful for the funding which assisted us in placing 50 additional Internet hotspots to support our families with eLearning. We are extremely appreciative of this assistance and community support,” said Matt Vance, Superintendent of Rush County Schools.


Internet access is no longer a luxury. The Rush County Broadband Connect Task Force was created to address the accessibility challenges faced by our community.


Carole Yeend, co-chair of the task force agrees. “The Internet plays a prominent role in all of our lives today.  It takes many forms: paying bills, setting a healthcare appointment, applying for a job, working from home, children’s schooling, shopping, staying connected and entertained and in countless other ways. The Internet is entwined in everyone’s lives now and for that reason, the Rush County Connect Broadband Taskforce has a mission to help every resident and business find accessible, affordable, and reliable internet connectivity,” she said.


Supporting RCS students with Internet access falls in line with Rush County Connect Broadband’s digital inclusion plan designed to improve the economic and social well-being of our county and its residents. It ensured all students had equal access to the same quality education. That in turn, creates a stronger community for all.


Thank you for your generous support of the immediate needs of our community through the Rush to Help: COVID-19 Rapid Relief Fund! Donations can be made below or by mail: Rush County Community Foundation, 117 N. Main Street, Rushville, IN 46173.

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