Milroy Food Pantry Receives $5,000 Rapid Relief Grant

Your generosity keeps making a BIG difference! The Rush to Help: COVID-19 Rapid Relief Fund has donated $5,000 to the Milroy Food Pantry. On Monday alone, 125 families received pre-packaged food parcels with eggs, produce, canned and baked goods, cereal, peanut butter and jelly and more – in just two hours! This group functions as a well-oiled machine. Volunteers in face masks and gloves packed food, directed traffic, loaded carts, wheeled food to cars, sanitized the carts after each use and started the cycle over until all were cared for. The Milroy Food Pantry is part of the Rush County Community Assistance (RCCA) Food Pantry but operates under a separate budget. Director Jan Long said she learned from the best – Darilyn Bedel and her crew. “It’s all about organization and I’m really obsessive about that anyway! Having excellent volunteers, which Milroy has is what makes it all work,” Jan said.


We’re grateful to them for their service and to you for donating! It’s not too late to help.

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