RCHS Class of 1978 Community Fund Established

Inspired by the recent philanthropic spirit of the RCHSClass of 1969, the RCHS Class of 1978 decided to establish a named unrestricted endowment fund at the Rush County Community Foundation.  The RCHS Class of 1978 Community Fund will forever preserve their class name through impactful grants to support Rush County.

Representing the RCHS Class of 1978, Karen (Conner) Macy and Keith and Kim (Patterson) Perin recognized the current $2 for $1 match on donations to unrestricted endowment funds as an outstanding opportunity to utilize remaining class funds from a recent reunion, the classmates agreed that establishing an endowment fund that will benefit future generations of Rush County residents was the most effective way to preserve the Class of 1978 legacy.

Keith Perin said, “After being involved at the Rush County Community Foundation I’ve seen firsthand how these funds impact our community.  I’m pleased that our classmates are enthused about this idea, as it provides the Class of ’78 a chance to contribute to the future of Rushville and Rush County.”

Alisa Winters, Executive Director of RCCF, stated, “It has been so fun to see our alumni excited about the opportunity to make a difference in their hometown through the establishment of the Class funds.  The Class of 1969 has inspired at least 10 new donors to give back to Rush County through RCCF, and I have no doubt that the Class of 1978 Community Fund will generate equal (or hopefully, more!) enthusiasm.  Rush County is a better place to live, work and play because of the generosity of our donors, and I can’t thank our visionary donors like Karen, Keith, and Kim enough for the opportunity to establish such a fund that will forever impact our community and potentially inspire others to give, too.”

Classmates from the Class of 1978 are maximizing the $2 for $1 match for community grant funds occurring right now at the Rush County Community Foundation.  They hope to raise at least an additional $2,800.00 by the end of 2019 to receive a $7,000 match from the Foundation.  As stated by Karen, “Our class motto was, “We are groovy, we are great, we are the Class of ’78!”  Now is the time to show Rush County how groovy we still are by raising more dollars than the Class of ’69 for our fund!”

If you would like to make a donation to this Fund you may send your donation to the Rush County Community Foundation, 117 N Main St, Rushville, IN 46173, or online at www.rushcountyfoundation.org.

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