Meet the RCCF Board: John Corn

A person’s favorite book can tell a lot about them. John Corn, new RCCF Board Member, loves reading, and counts Tuesdays with Morrie as his most cherished title. The author reconnects with a beloved professor who is near the end of his life. Through their conversations, the teacher shares a final lesson – what a dying man can teach us about living. John is an excellent student; he clearly understands and embraces the preciousness of life. “I feel that love that Morrie had to live; he lived his life to the fullest as long as he could, which is something we should all strive to do,” he said.


Rush County has always been home to me. Both of my parents were raised in this community, so my family roots run pretty deep,” he shared. A 2000 RCHS graduate, he earned his undergraduate degree in elementary education and then his masters in Educational Administration and Supervision, both from Ball Sate. When it came time to start their own home, John and Tracie, his wife of nearly 15 years, chose Rush County. “I love being able to go out in the community and know most people that I see.”


They’re raising three active kids, Josie (12), Mollie (9), and Caleb (5) and enjoy making all the memories they can with them. Whether it’s a family vacation to Disney World, a weekend of boating or simply going for a walk, it’s all about being together. I value the fact that I feel safe and can easily take my children out to enjoy parks, walking trails, etc. I believe most Rushville residents, both current and former, take great pride in calling Rush County home.”


John has been able to share his hometown values in our surrounding communities through his role as an educator. He began his career as a teacher for Decatur County Community Schools where he taught multiple grade levels for eight years. His first administrative position was at Hagerstown Elementary as an assistant principal. For the last eight years, he has been the principal at Morristown Elementary.


As an educator, I see the importance of having strong parents to guide you along the way,” John remarked. “I would say that my greatest heroes would be my parents, Denny and Rita Corn. I appreciate the efforts they made to make sure my brother and I had all that we needed to be successful as kids, which in turn shaped us as adults.”


John first got involved with RCCF as a member of the grants committee. “Having spent my entire professional career working outside of Rush County, I was eager to find this opportunity to become better connected to my community,” he shared. “There are MANY grant and scholarship funds that are available. If you have something you want to accomplish that can particularly be of benefit to others and are looking for ways to fund it, please check with the Foundation. In many ways as a new board member, I am learning about the Foundation as I become more acquainted. I will tell you this; it is comprised of many individuals who have a deep love for the community and want to see the best Rush County we can have for our residents.”


Looks like you landed in the right place, John. We’re so happy to have you on the board!

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