Introducing our 2019 Board of Directors: Larry Mull

Larry Mull is a proud resident of the Arlington community.  After returning to Rush County for retirement, he brings a unique perspective from his prior residency.  Sharing his time and talents with the Rush County Community Foundation is a perfect fit, as his easy-going manner allows him to relate well with the citizens and groups that the RCCF works with. Read more about Larry below:


  1. Did you grow up in Rush County? Where did you go to school?


I was born in Rushville—grew up on our family farm near Arlington. I attended Arlington (Posy Township) for all 12 years of school and graduated from Indiana University in 1969.


  1. What are your hobbies and interests?


Travel and sharing quality time with my daughter and family.


  1. Do you work with any other community organizations?


I am on the Rush County Jail Advisory Committee, am on the Board of Directors for the Arlington East Hill Cemetery, and am a member of the Rush County Jail Bond Corporation and the Arlington Christian Church.


  1. What do you like most about your community?


I feel very fortunate to have been born and raised in Rush County. To have worked and learned about strong work ethic on our family farm. Those early learning opportunities have served me well and often in my adult life and career.


  1. How did you become involved with RCCF?


I was encouraged to join some RCCF committees by J.B. Gardner, and committee participation led to an invitation to become a board member.



  1. Do you believe that the Foundation plays an important role in the community? How so?


RCCF provides the platform for individual and family and, yes, even companies to make positive donations to any number of funds to invest in the community. The Foundation actively seeks and creates affirmative actions to help make our community and Rush County a better place to live and participate in good causes.

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