Grantee Update: Girls Inc. of Shelby County

2021 Cycle II Community Funds Grant Recipient: $7,500

I’ve always wanted a monthly subscription box and I love getting mail,” exclaimed 7-year-old, Jade Barnard!


Jade gets an activity-based box each month for free that works on educational and self-esteem boosting lessons for young girls,” added her mom. “We’re grateful to Girls Inc. of Shelby County and RCCF for this opportunity.”


Your gifts to Community Grants funds supported 49 other Rush County girls, like Jade, with a Girls thInc. Outside the Box subscription. Each box is filled with fun, educational literacy, math and self-esteem boosting activities.


Girls Inc. prides itself on its research-based programming delivered by trained professionals who focus on the development of the whole girl by supporting, mentoring, and guiding girls in an affirming, inclusive environment. “The staff at Girls Inc. prepares learning that is fun and will keep the girls engaged and involved with the boxes. Through rich literature and immersive, hands-on activities, girls tap into their inner strengths and explore new concepts all from home. Girls have access to instructional videos and trained Girls Inc. educators to support their experience, which is age appropriate and crafted to reflect the diversity of the girls we serve,” explained Executive Director, Amy Dillon.


These boxes also introduce girls to the organization. Once they are in middle school, they can participate in healthy sexuality, substance abuse and financial literacy programming from Girls Inc., with parental consent. “Girls Inc. girls live healthy and active lifestyles and are less likely to engage in risky behavior; they are eager to learn and more likely to be successful in school; they display diligence, perseverance and resilience,” noted Dillon.


Your support is helping them expand their programming to our community for girls that may not have access to their on-site services, as well.


Additionally, girls at the center in Shelbyville helped assemble, fill and prepare the boxes for shipping, with the assistance of staff. This gave them a feeling of pride and being helpful. They were excited to see what the Rush County girls were going to see in their boxes and learn about efficiency and working as a team.


The primary goal of Girls thINC. Outside the Box is to increase the academic and social development of girls who participate. Participants improved their reading ability and showed an improved attitude toward learning. The GIRLS thINC. Outside the Box program is inspiring Rush County youth to be strong, smart and bold thanks to your generous support!

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