GIFT VII Met Its Match… YOU!

You did it! Your generosity sparked a $250,000 giving frenzy. One by one your gifts arrived. Each one a promise to the future of our community. As if that weren’t amazing enough, it happened more than a year ahead of the deadline. The generosity of the Lilly Endowment Inc. added $500,000 to fan the flames of your kindness.


Now Rush County has $750,000 to fuel the fire that drives our local nonprofits. With these additional resources, more organizations will be able to create a warmer and brighter future for even more of those they serve. And in turn, for us all. Thank you for opening your hearts and your wallets! Our community will stay toasty for a long time to come.


While we celebrate this huge accomplishment, please remember that fires need to be tended. We STILL need your passion and your gifts to keep the fireplaces stoked and enhance life for all of Rush County. Thank you for living life local!


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