Every Dollar Counts

If you’ve stopped by the Rushville CountyMark or Shell stations throughout the past two weeks it’s likely you were asked if you would like to contribute a $1 to the Rush County Community Foundation. Fortunately for us, many of you have already said yes!

Each dollar donated at these local stores throughout the month of July benefit the RCCF community grants program. For those of you unfamiliar, community grants are available for qualified 501(c)(3) agencies serving Rush County. These organizations can apply to receive funding for necessary projects, equipment, improvements, etc. to make their work better for our community.
Since our first grant to Rush Memorial Hospital in 1994, we have awarded over $900,000 in community grant funds. Over $180,000 has gone to local and volunteer fire department needs, nearly $100,000 has been given to improve and develop Rush County parks, $145,000 has benefited youth and family programs and the organizations serving this group, and the remainder has impacted hunger, education, health, public safety, housing, animals, arts and culture, organization needs, and provided improvements in which our entire community benefits.

Every dollar contributed counts! As of July 15, each dollar given has added up to $500 for our community! Without the ongoing support of generous donors, Rush County Community Foundation could not have made, nor continue to make, such an impact in Rush County. One dollar truly helps make a difference in your community, especially when the dollar is invested to generate a gift year after year. Furthermore, the dollar is actually worth more right now: each dollar contributed to our community grants is matched $1 for $1…so the $1 given at the local stores actually equals $2!

RCCF is incredibly grateful to the Herdrich Petroleum team and the incredible staff at the CountyMark and Shell/QuickPix stores. We hope you’ll consider a donation of any size to your community’s foundation.

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