CBAP Informational Meeting: 7/12 | 6:30-8pm @ RCHS Laughlin Auditorium

**UPDATE** The meeting may have passed but your opportunity to participate hasn’t. We need as many people involved as possible for the best outcome.


Go to Scroll down to Rush County. Create an account and check out the Community Kickoff Meeting info and then start working on the Preparation Phase exercises.

If you love where you live and have a passion to make Rush County even better – CBAP needs YOU!


What is CBAP? We’ll start with what it’s not – one of those machines that helps you breathe better while sleeping; that’s a CPAP!


Seriously though, Community-Based Action Planning (CBAP) is way to make our community even better. CBAP is a participant-oriented, “learn by doing” experience rooted in social science research and built on practical experience. It is based on the principles of co-creation. Succinctly described, co-creation is a democratic method for managing risk and motivating action in support of building stronger, more sustainable places.


Change happens whether we’re ready or not. Let’s make sure we understand both the challenges and the opportunities.


We’ll take a people-focused, placed-based approach to learning about and affecting positive change in Rush County. With input from a diverse set of voices and broad participation from community members, we’ll design a plan that transforms small action steps into a bigger vision. Together, we’ll learn as we go to balance planning and activity, to embrace risk and to manage disagreement. We’ll begin an ongoing journey that will raise our expectations, foster innovation and create projects truly by and for the people in a collaborative process.


Please join us for an informational meeting

WHEN: Monday, July 12, 6:30-8pm

WHERE: Rushville Consolidated High School’s Laughlin Auditorium, 1201 Lions Path in Rushville. (The auditorium is north of the football field, off of the 12th Street parking lot and across from the gym.)



Invite a friend, or two. Please share this opportunity with your network!

Learn more by visiting the CBAP website. Scroll down to Rush County, register and start the preparation phase.

There’s a part for everyone to play. We appreciate your interest and your time!


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