Write a “Postcard From the Future”


In the Fall of 2019 we held a series of eight Community Insights Meetings to learn what residents think about their community and our county. We visited New Salem, Glenwood, Mays, Carthage, Manila, Milroy and Rushville in conjunction with Ball State University’s Indiana Communities Institute. Check out their answers.


Write and design a “postcard from the future” sharing your vision for Rush County as you dream what it will be like in 25 years. If you like, we’ll email it back to you and/or share it on social media. Share yours with #RushCountyPostcards.

  • Postcards from the Future

  • Pretend you have just returned to your community and the county after being gone for 25 years. Write a postcard to a real person describing what you saw and experienced (or did not see or experience) during the visit.
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  • Please share your email, if you'd like a copy of your postcard.
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