YIP Spotlight: Hannah Bates

Hannah Bates graduated this summer from IU Bloomington with her master’s degree in Public Affairs focused in International Development and Non-Profit Management. She credits her non-profit minor to her time serving the community through Youth in Philanthropy (YIP). Her time in YIP stuck with her during college and has inspired her to try to always be involved. Hannah is currently serving her community by volunteering at Mayor Pavey’s office and working side-by-side with Brian Sheehan to bring special projects to town and grow our community. She is very excited about the new cultural events that will start this weekend in honor of Wendell Willkie. Willkie strongly believed in the idea of “One World” through exploring other cultures and getting to know diverse people. Hannah has helped schedule bands from around the world to come stay in Rushville for a week, play their music, and teach us about their culture while learning about ours. This series will last throughout the next four years, and this weekend will feature a band from Japan. How exciting! RCCF is ecstatic that Hannah is bringing new things and people to Rush County, and we are sure our community will continue to thrive because of her service.

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