$600 Rapid Relief Grant Made to Whitewater Adult Education

Whitewater Adult Education (WAE) helps adult learners improve their life and the lives of their family through the attainment of a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma and/or job skills through a certification.  Although WAE is located in Fayette County, it’s an important resource for Rush County residents. Out of 186 students enrolled, 25% of those are from Rush County.


Like most schools, the pandemic forced WAE to switch to online and at home instruction. This required purchasing licenses for software and workbooks, creating hard copy packets and providing PPE for reopening. Your support provided a grant for $600, to account for 25% of their budget during this time.


WAE staff researched and implemented many new resources and techniques to successfully deliver lessons and monitor progress. But a major challenge faced by many students was lack of reliable Internet access and or technology beyond a cell phone.



Amy Engle, WAE’s Adult Basic Education Coordinator, shared this story about Rush County WAE student, Justin. “He was able to work with his teacher, Kay Story, using the virtual classroom tools available through Zoom.  He would go the Farmer’s market in downtown Rushville where the WIFI is available and reliable to use,” she said. “Like many of our students and teachers, he did not let the COVID-19 pandemic keep him from getting his goals accomplished. Thanks to our RCCF partners, we have been able to continue with our mission.


The timing was especially difficult for students. Several were scheduled to take their final exams on March 17 and 19, just days after WAE was forced to close its doors. Others had registered to begin classes in April. The supplies provided by this grant helped to motivate and engage students through the distance education period.


Finally, in June WAE was approved for an addendum testing site in Rushville. Two students earned their HSE! Overall, WAE students acquired a record 60 diplomas this year.


Testing, which is a two-day assessment, is available by appointment on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Students work with local instructor Kay Story to get registered.

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