The Rush County Mental Health Association and the Rush County Community Foundation

As a part of the series reviewing the Rush County Community Foundation’s “designated endowment” funds, we’ll be taking a weekly look at the Rush County nonprofit organizations that have funds that support their mission and work held at RCCF.  This week’s installment focuses on the Rush County Mental Health Association.


The Rush County Mental Health Association is a non-profit organization that promotes mental well-being for everyone through education, advocacy, and program development.  The organization’s work is supported by wonderful volunteers that ensure necessary programs and services are delivered to community members.  The Association does no counseling itself, but acts as a clearinghouse to guide individuals to professionals that can meet their needs.


The Rush County Mental Health Association’s focus is centered on prevention and promotion of mental wellness and combating the stigma of mental illness.  Each month, the Rush County Mental Health Association hosts a lunch program with a speaker(s) that inform those involved of services available to members of our community.  The Rush County Mental Health Association is able to utilize the variety of information acquired and the partnerships developed from these programs to assist individuals, families, and organizations in Rush County.   Without the Rush County Mental Health Association and their passionate volunteers, many services citizens in our community receive would not otherwise be available.


The resources made possible from the Mental Health Association’s partnerships create opportunities and programs for a variety of citizens within our community.  Of the many programs provided to Rush County by the Mental Health Association, annual education materials provided to all Rush County Kindergarteners (ranging on topics from bullying to self-esteem building), the Thumbody Program, Young Parents’ Group at RCHS, and gift lifts for Rush County nursing and group homes are among the most notable.  From these programs alone, it’s evident that all age ranges and socioeconomic classes benefit from the many activities, programs, and priorities the Rush County Mental Health Association supports.


The Rush County Community Foundation is proud to support the Rush County Mental Health Association via the Nelson Farms Endowment Fund.  The Nelson Farms Endowment Fund was established through the Margaret L. Nelson Revocable Trust in 2010 to benefit a number of charitable organizations throughout Rush County.   Aside from the Mental Health Association of Rush County, the Posey Township Volunteer Fire Department, the Rush County Indiana R.N. Club Scholarship Fund, the Salvation Army of Rush County, the Habitat for Humanity of Rush County, Indiana, the Arlington East Hill Cemetery Association, the Rush County Indiana Heritage, Inc. and the Rush County Indiana Historical Society are also recognized beneficiaries from the Nelson Farms Endowment Fund.  If you are interested in learning more about the Fund or supporting the Mental Health Association of Rush County and the other named organizations, we encourage you to consider a donation to the Nelson Farms Endowment Fund via the Rush County Community Foundation.  For more details, please visit our website at, our office at 117 N. Main St., Rushville, or call (765) 938-1177.

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