Shares, Inc. Establishes Endowment

Any successful financial advisor or farmer will tell you not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversify your investments and your crops to minimize risk and maximize return. Savvy nonprofits with an eye on the future realize this as well.


RCCF is equipped to help nonprofits prepare for financial sustainability with agency specific endowments. In 2019, 35 organizations received a combined total of more than $213,000 as a result of long-term planning and the generosity of RCCF donors.


Now Shares, Inc. has joined this group. A nonprofit since 1977, this well-established organization provides “services and support for people with disabilities to enhance their successful inclusion in the community.” They serve individuals in several Indiana counties, including Rush.


Their board and staff made the decision to invest in their future by establishing the Shares, Inc. Rush County Endowment with RCCF this spring. “This provides a reliable source of income in the form of annual distributions that differ from agency fundraising and revenue streams,” said Nesetta Gallizeau, Shares’ Fund Development Associate. “The addition of the endowment creates a level of diversity that equips our agency with the ability to finance new programming, capital improvement projects, and support ongoing programming needs.”


The endowment serves an additional purpose for Shares, Inc., as well. “Our agency hopes to communicate our commitment to the people of Rush County,” Nesetta explained. “This endowment not only creates an investment for our agency but tethers our agency and mission to the community.”


Starting the endowment at RCCF is a good fit for Shares, Inc. because it helps to supplement our existing efforts. This investment vehicle prepares our agency for both anticipated and unanticipated financial needs through perpetuity, which allows our agency to use the interest from the investment to create a new yearly revenue stream and sustains our mission well into the future,” she continued.


To make a gift to the Shares, Inc. Rush County Endowment and support their vital work, please visit our donation page.


Nonprofits can establish their own endowment, or an individual may start one for them. Is there an organization, place or service in Rush County that is near and dear to your heart? An endowed fund is like a nest egg. Creating one is the perfect way to underwrite what you love to ensure it continues forever. Please contact us at or 765-938-1177 to discuss the possibilities, including making a legacy gift after your lifetime. It is our honor to help you fulfill your charitable dreams!

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