Grantee Update: Milroy Economic Development Corporation

Can you believe the transformation of what was once an unattractive, rundown wall into an eye-catching and heart-stopping work of awesome beauty?! It’s taken a team effort of dreamers, volunteers, grant writers, community residents, the artist, and donors to our Community Grants Funds to make it happen. This project proves that when communities work toward a dream together, anything is possible. We’re proud to support the efforts of the Milroy Economic Development Corporation.


Did you do this whole thing by yourself?” asked the young girl standing in front of Milroy’s amazing new mural. “Not anymore,” smiled artist, Lance Woskobojnik. “I’ve had 125 helpers!” The students from Milroy Elementary School had the opportunity to add their own brushstrokes to the mural. It was a scene that brought goosebumps to some looking on. The experience even inspired Lance to take his design in a new direction. What an amazing experience!



Thanks to Cassie Garrett and the 765 and Samantha Johnson of WTHR for these videos. And we’re grateful for your continued support to enhance life in Rush County forever with positive change like Milroy’s community mural! ❤



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