Grantee Update: M.o.R.E. for Kids

2020 Community Grants Recipient: $10,000

Report submitted by Peyton Simpkins, Program Director, M.o.R.E. for Kids

During the 2020 Fall Community Grant Cycle, M.o.R.E. for Kids applied and received a grant for $10,000. This grant has greatly benefited our program. M.o.R.E. for Kids chose for the grant to focus on three key areas: Outreach, Support, and Administration, all of which are fundamental factors in running M.o.R.E. for Kids.


First and foremost, we wanted to grow the program. We want to continue to help more youth of the community. In order to do this, we understand it is essential to broadcast our name and mission. We are doing this by advertising to both parents and kids at high traffic events and schools.


Next, we needed to make sure the kids of program are supported both now and in the future. Through 2020, we learned how unpredictable life can be due to COVID-19. We noticed our mentors and mentees were struggling with communication issues due to not being able to get together as much as COVID cases rose. We decided that a great tool for them would be electronic tablets that the kids could use to communicate with their mentors, as well as use for educational purposes. In addition, we were also unsure how to raise money for Christmas 2020 as our annual fall gala had to be canceled because of pandemic restrictions. Every year we buy the kids a warm item and a fun item. Due to the generosity of this grant, not only were we able to purchase items for 2020 Christmas, but also 2021 Christmas.


The last aspect of the support function within M.o.R.E. for Kids is our background checks to ensure the safety of the kids. We were able to update all existing background checks, as well as start background checks for our new volunteers.


Lastly, we focused on our administration. There have been little updates for the administration in years past, and this was starting to take a toll on the program. Through this grant, we were able to obtain new laptops, a new printer, and office supplies. The productivity has increased greatly. These items have helped the day-to-day tasks run more smoothly.


We are beyond grateful for the generosity of the Rush County Community Foundation. Not only did this grant help us currently, but it will continue helping us in years to come. We have grown much in the past year through outreach and cannot wait to support more kids as they enter M.o.R.E. for Kids. Thank you, RCCF, for your assistance in making this possible.


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