GIFT VIII Community Leadership Planning Grants

Lilly Endowment Inc. has awarded us two planning grants through the GIFT VIII Initiative. Both will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.


Rush County Planning Grant

In 2019 through GIFT VII, we hosted a series of listening sessions and released an online survey, asking what you like, love, and want to love about Rush County. Your input gave us the green light to apply for the large-scale grant that ultimately earned a $5M award and jumpstarted the REC Center.


A lot has changed in the more than four years since. We want to hear what’s most important to you now. We’ll take your input and look at current plans from the City of Rushville and Rush County. We’ll figure out where and how we can fill in the gaps to create a better life for all. Look for opportunities to get involved later this year.


We’re also excited to offer a series of FREE trainings for our local nonprofits. Topics will include: Writing Higher-Scoring Grant Applications; Strike it Rich with Volunteers!; Donor Relationships in 3-D!; Donors, Donations, and Development


Regional Planning Grant

We know availability of affordable childcare is a major issue for families with young ones. Along with the community foundations in Fayette, Hancock, and Henry counties, we’re taking a deeper dive into the childcare needs of the region. We need all families with children under age 6 to complete this survey by 2/15. We also need employers to complete a separate survey. By studying the needs of Rush County residents and workers who commute between counties, we can work together to increase childcare opportunities.


Scan or click the images to get started today!

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