For the Community That Made Us Who We Are

When RCCF board members and classmates, Cindy Powers and Karen Brashaber, realized their 40th high school class reunion was approaching, they didn’t go shopping for something new to wear. They got busy and filed the paperwork to start the “RCHS Class of 1979 Community Fund”.


They decided that instead of changing their wardrobe or hairstyle, they would change their community.


Inspired by the fund established by the class of 1969 to celebrate their 50th reunion, they knew that starting their own fund would be the perfect way to celebrate 40 years. “When the class of 1978 started their fund, that sealed the deal for me,” Karen added. They were in.


They realized that the GIFT VII match was an excellent and timely opportunity to help them reach their goal of $10,200. Gifts made to their fund will be matched $2 for every $1 donated. As Cindy noted, “It helps knowing that a simple $20 gift is really a $60 gift with the match opportunity.”


Through the power of social media, and a little peer pressure, Cindy has utilized the class Facebook page to invite their classmates to invest in their hometown community through RCCF and leave a lasting impact. Karen chimed in, “Class members can contribute in honor or in memory of classmates or loved ones and know that the money will be used to make Rush County a better place.”


They had a great time celebrating and reminiscing at the reunion. “We are a close class. One of the best,” Cindy said. As freshmen, they got to experience the excitement of the 1976 RCHS Lions basketball team making it all the way to the state finals. “Nothing like it,” she remembered.


And there’s nothing like watching the fund grow to nearly $3,000, before the match, in just a few weeks!


We are grateful to the class members for jumping on board for this project – one that will continue to give back to our community – this community made us who we are – no matter the location we live in now,” said Cindy.


If you’d like to make a donation, visit: and select Fund Category, “Community Grants” and Fund, “RCHS Class of 1979 Community Fund”.

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