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Lilly Endowment has gifted RCCF with $500,000 available for matching funds (view announcement).  How great is that?!

Between August 1, 2014 – March 31, 2016, the Rush County Community Foundation must raise $500,000 to match the granted funds.

For every dollar you donate to an existing “unrestricted fund” (i.e.:  money that is invested and available for community grants) your dollar will be matched.  New funds established as “unrestricted” are also matched $1 : $1.  Whatever route you choose, whatever amount you donate, is twice as good for this period as your donation is doubled!

For every dollar donated to an existing “restricted fund” (i.e.: every other endowed fund at RCCF) $0.50 will be matched.  Newly established restricted funds qualify for the $0.50 : $1 match as well.

If you are interested in establishing a fund or donating to an existing fund, select the “Donate” tab or contact us for more information.

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