Community Grant Funds benefit Glenwood

Written by Alisa Winters

Heading East out of Rushville, the final town you’ll encounter in Rush County is the small, one-flasher town of Glenwood.  Growing up just outside of Glenwood, I fondly remember getting off of the school bus with friends in town to play with literally the entire neighborhood after school, Trick-or-Treating in the small, safe community, sitting on Santa’s lap at the annual Glenwood Volunteer Fire Department Christmas party, and attending church each Sunday at Glenwood United Methodist.


Since my childhood, the Town of Glenwood has changed.  Most of my friends from the school bus no longer live there, and some of their families have even moved.  Houses have changed colors, businesses have come and gone; but one consistency throughout it all is the big hearts of the residents and the desire for a welcoming, safe community that appeals to families.


To assist in achieving their efforts, those involved in the Town of Glenwood have sought assistance from the Rush County Community Foundation.  Since 1996, the Town of Glenwood has received nearly $35,000 from our community grant funds to support their local people and projects.  $24,000 has been awarded to the Glenwood Volunteer Fire Department, an active department that serves a large area and assists multiple townships, and the remainder has been awarded to support the Town’s projects.


In early 2014 the Town of Glenwood approached RCCF to apply for grant funding to replace the Community Center’s 40-year old windows.  The Community Center is a gathering place for those within the community, and the old windows prevented usage in the colder months.  Our grant funding enabled the community to purchase and install energy-efficient windows, providing a place that can be used throughout all four seasons while increasing rent revenue for the Town and saving money on energy bills.  To celebrate, a community-wide pitch-in dinner was held, bringing together a community of friends, family, and neighbors just steps from their homes.


The Rush County Community Foundation is proud to serve our entire community.  Our grant dollars do more than provide equipment and support projects:  they bring together people, provide safety, serve those less fortunate, create recreational opportunities, improve aesthetics, and bring life and love to the word “community”.  These grant dollars have enabled $900,000 worth of community developments, a number that will only grow with increased contributions.  Until March 31, 2016, all donations made to the Community Grant funds are matched $1 for $1, increasing your ability to impact your community and giving back to causes, projects, and needs vital to Rush County’s future.  For additional information on grant funds and how your dollar can be maximized, contact our office at, (765) 938-1177, or at 117 N Main St., Rushville.  You can make a difference right outside your door, and a difference that will last forever.

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