CBAP Update

Efforts by the Community Based Action Planning (CBAP) committees continue to address some of the most pressing and requested needs of Rush County residents. New partnerships and friendships are forming. Ideas are springing to life. These volunteers are getting things done! Read more updates.


Projects Update:

Mental Health: All 7th and 8th grade students at Benjamin Rush Middle School are learning new ways to deal with life’s challenges. The committee has enlisted the help of one of our community’s biggest advocates, Drew Hahn of Rush Memorial Hospital. He is teaching them how to turn to mindfulness to cope with depression, anxiety and overwhelming emotions. Each student received their own copy of The Mindfulness Journal for Teens and also guidance on how to use it.

Drew shared, “The MoreRadLessSad Project has been underway at the Benjamin Rush Middle School! I have had the opportunity to speak to around 200 students so far & provide each of them, a Mental Health Journal. The students have had great feedback, questions, and conversations which has left me feeling GRATEFUL. Thank you for the opportunity to accomplish such rewarding mental health focused and community driven goals.”


Parks Department Programming: The City of Rushville Parks Department received a $10,000 grant from the Rush to Action Fund to support its activities in the coming year and build on the momentum of their current success.


Broadband: The group received a $10,000 grant from the Rush to Action Fund toward the creation of a fiber development agreement, which will aid in extending reliable and affordable high-speed internet access to the entire county.


Your gifts to the Rush to Action Fund coupled with dedicated volunteers are creating positive, people-powered change!


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