CBAP Projects Update: Progress!

A home on the worldwide web for everything to love about Rush County, completed downtown beautification projects and wonderful parks programming. These are just of few of the positive changes enacted and inspired by the Community Based Action Planning (CBAP) process. And we’re not finished yet.


Projects Update:

Tourism: This group has contracted with a graphic designer to create an inclusive, all-county logo and a web designer to develop When people visit a new place, they often seek out a coffee shop. The committee has partnered with Mocha Moose to be a hub for information. A local artisan has created a display for print materials.


Mental Health: Continuing their focus on 7th and 8th graders, the group plans to offer journals and training to students identified by teachers as a good fit for this initiative. Another focus is to establish support groups dealing with anxiety and depression. They are also exploring having a “Struggle Bus”, which is a mini bus where students can go to find help, do art or participate in other supportive activities. A new option they are exploring is an in-school program called Remedy Live, which utilizes technology to engage and support students regarding mental health.


Post-Secondary Education: Group members connected with Tianne Ripberger to help with the Reality Store, a program held at BRMS that assigns students with a career salary and life-like expenses in hopes of giving them an example of what a month of living as an adult might look like. It has been scheduled for 10/21. They are also working on promoting the 21st Century Scholars program, which provides four years of undergraduate tuition to income-eligible students at participating colleges or universities in Indiana. Registration for the program must be completed in grades 7 or 8 and students agree to meet certain academic standards.


Broadband: The group has secured $1.5 million in ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds. They are working on an agreement with a provider to get fiber-optic cables to the rural parts of the county for affordable, reliable, accessible internet service.


Downtown Beautification: Four grants have been awarded to downtown businesses. The Commerce Building received $1,000 toward their project to add a sidewalk and grassy areas for drainage purposes behind their building. This alley is a gem in downtown and it’s looking better all the time! The Rush County Community Assistance Food Pantry received $1,000 toward the installation of an awning over their sidewalk. The Rush County Chamber of Commerce received $250 to plant perennial flowers, amend the soil and add mulch in the box outside their building. Dyer and Associates was awarded $1,000 toward window replacement, which will happen in late September or October.


The grant money received for the food pantry awning has had a positive impact on our clientele. This has been a very hot summer, and the awning provides needed shade not only for the clients waiting entry to our facility, but also protects the important food items that we display outside the building. We know that the awning will be of great benefit on other inclement days for these very same reasons. The cityscape is enhanced as well, due to the rejuvenated curb appeal provided by the awning,” shared Cora Lienemann, RCCA volunteer.

Parks Programming: CBAP gave Kathi Jackley the final push and validation to bring a plan to the Rushville Parks Department to create a position to provide programming that residents have been requesting. As the Natural Resource and Program Coordinator, she has overseen the Earth Day Celebration, Summer Camp and many informative workshops for all ages. Please follow the City of Rushville Parks Department Facebook page to keep up with all the latest events.


If making positive change in one of these areas interests you, join us at the next all projects meeting on Thursday, September 22 at 11:15 am at Rushville’s City Center. One of the advantages to this process is that folks are free to jump in at any time. That includes you! Please reach out with any questions to or (765) 938-1177.

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