CBAP Projects Update: Progress and Collaboration

It was International Women’s Day, and Community Based Action Planning’s (CBAP) female participants outnumbered the males 3 to 1 in the latest “all projects” meeting. But what’s more important is that 28 people showed up and are working together to lead and make positive change in Rush County. There were some of the familiar faces that you’d expect. But there were new ones, too, and that’s what makes this process different and exciting.

Projects are really taking shape and rolling out. The flow of energy and ideas is inspiring!


Here are the latest updates:

Mental Health

  • Focusing on 7th and 8th graders at the beginning of the 2022 school year, middle school years are so challenging.
    • Give them journals and teach them how to use them.
    • Drew is looking into getting a grant and other resources to purchase the journals.
  • Also want to establish resources for adults including peer-to-peer mentoring.
  • Recovery specialist, Brittnee Odum, connected with the group to share information about her work. Her goals include: finding an office space to provide services and ultimately becoming a nonprofit to become eligible for grants.

Post-Secondary Education/Training

  • Researched other programs and building contacts.
  • Economic and Community Development Corporation (ECDC) has established a new Workforce Development position.
  • Looking at space and availability.
  • Building contacts.

Internet Access

  • Put out a Request for Proposals (RFP) to internet service providers for evaluation and gaining clarity on funding needed on our end. This will help determine budgets for applications for state and/or federal funding to bring robust, affordable internet access to Rush County.
  • Biggest challenge is how to be ready.
  • Continue meeting with providers.
  • Holding Tech Fest event at the Boys & Girls Club on 4/30 to create awareness of technology use and assess needs. Vendors, speakers, hands-on activities, videos and more will be on hand to explore all aspects of technology, including giveaways and prizes.
    • Set up website:
    • Looking for partners to help:
        • Have a booth
        • Host a workshop
        • Make a presentation
        • Provide swag bag items for participants
        • Sponsor with financial support
        • Volunteer to help before/after event

Parks Programming

  • Want to expand programming beyond summer programs to include evenings and weekends.
    • Most popular request among residents.
  • Looking to add a new part-time staff position to focus on natural areas and programming.
    • Need funding. Currently reaching out to sources.
  • Have identified new partners in Rush County Soil & Water and Purdue Extension.


  • Identified three areas to begin promoting:
    • Agriculture/rural life
    • Historical places/bridges
    • Arts/artisans
  • Connecting with partners.
  • Looking for a web designer.

Downtown Beautification

  • Offer businesses a micro-grant to make street view improvements.
    • Cover letter and application will be distributed within the next week.
    • Applications due by 4/1, with projects completed by 8/1.

Local Pride

  • Checked into ordering “Welcome to Rush County” signs but finding project cost prohibitive. Exploring different options.
  • Looking to partner with Tourism group to provide hardcopy and digital info/maps of points of interest.


These projects are all vital and will support some of the needs identified by the community. A real bonus to this process is the pipeline of information that’s beginning to flow. There is an overall greater awareness of work being doing by various groups. New connections are forming, and the spirit of collaboration is growing.


Facilitator, Michael Fortunato, left the group with some thoughts, “What keeps coming to mind is this idea of commitment. Committing to an idea, to yourself. Committing to your goals and your community. One thing I have to say, and you know 90% of life is just about showing up, this community – Rush County gets an A+. You’re showing up. You’re doing the stuff. You’re making it happen. You’re growing the circle and you keep it rolling. I am so truly impressed with the progress you’re making. I’m proud of what this community is doing. Way to show them how it’s done!


It’s never too late to add your commitment to your community. Part of the beauty of the CBAP process is its flexibility. People can come and go as they please and switch groups at any time. Want to get involved? Send your contact info to us at or 765-938-1177. Join a specific group or come to the next “all projects” meeting on April 12 at 11:15 AM at Rushville’s City Center.


Don’t have the time right now? You can still help! Donations to the Rush to Action Fund support this work and are being matched $1 for $1 until 4/1. Give online or send your donation to RCCF, 117 N. Main Street, Rushville, IN 46173. Thank you!

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